Heroes of the City: The Land of The Lost

Shadowhawke sees some zombies attacking a woman. He puts a bubble around the girl and moves closer. While the zombies continue to claw at the bubble a man in a butcher’s smock comes out of the alley. Shadowhawke instantly recognizes one of the Vahzilok and attacks. It is a difficult battle, but Shadowhawke manages to drive off the Vahzilok.

Rocko, one of the trainers at Positron’s Gym, approaches person:No Limits and talks to him about a new underground fight network that has sprung up. He is willing to let No Limits know about it if he gets a cut of the take. There is a bit of give and take in negotiations, but it is eventually agreed to meet at 6pm at the gym.

Blayzwing gets a call from Mr. Finn, one of the attorneys that works for his father’s company. Crey Industries has sent another cease and desist letter concerning their solar trees. He would like a meeting with Blayzwing to discuss this latest attempt as he believes their supporting documentation is fairly strong. He arranges a meeting tonight after he finishes with this daily work.

Two days pass and Champion Z is discharged from Charon Medical Center. He noticed about a half-dozen shabbily dressed men coming towards him. He flees from them, eventually crawling through a storm vent where several animals must have holed up over the winter. When they pass by he crawls out and continues home. On his way home more of these people come towards him and eventually surround him. He superleaps away, but they manage to keep up with him. Even those that manage to fall behind are replaced by those coming from other directions. When he finally stops a score of them surround him and draw futuristic ray-guns. They whisper, “subject perfect,” and close the range. He begins to take the worse of the attack and calls the rest of the Iron Wolves and leads them to an ambush where No Limits and Blayzwing are waiting.

Champion Z gets there early enough that with his strength he moves a few things around that will channel the enemies towards us. As they come screaming into the gauntlet Champion Z and No Limits are waiting for them, while Blayzwing is flying overhead looking for their snipers. It is a terrible battle with all of us seriously hurt. We can only send one of them to The Zig as the others disappear. This marks them as Rikti which means the danger level has risen.

While the others go to the hospital No Limits meets Rocko for the fight. We meet in an industrial zone where heavy refinement of oils is done. There is a secret door where Rocko leads No Limits to watch the opening fight. Small Rikti monkeys are locked in a cage mage fighting to the death. When it is time for No Limits fight there are several Rikti drones around the ring. A pair of monkeys are no match for No Limits, but when he ups the battle to 5 monkeys they take him down. When he wakes up he is in MAGI HQ speaking with Serafina. She says that my “mini me” was spotted near the site of a kidnapping. She is not sure if it was involved, but wants us to investigate.

Alex (aka Blayzwing), meets Mr. Finn as his house. As Alex reads through the documents he realizes that most of their complaints are all smoke and mirrors, but only by exposing some of the company’s secrets. Alex makes the pull back some of the curtain on what happens behind the scenes. In exchange Alex agrees to get his daughter into an experimental trial at a hospital where Alex has received some advanced treatment. This show of good faith brings Mr. Finn tightly into his fold considering how dangerous dealing with Crey Industries can be for someone. As he leaves in his car, which explodes 15 minutes down the road.

The next morning Shadowhawke and Champion Z meet No Limits at the apartment of Holsten Armitage in Brickstown. While Champion Z and No Limits go on patrol looking for clues, Shadowhawke searches the apartment for clues. He discovers that Holsten claims that he is a time-traveler from the future where the Rikti won the war. He is frequently been the target of Rikti attention. Blayzwing arrives and helps Shadowhawke with his part of the investigation. They find mud with the distinctive smell of the storm drain or sewer.

With this information No Limits and Champion Z adjust their patrol to meet up with Shadowhawke and Blayzwing near a washout that opens into larger drainage system that runs under the entire zone. The area is filled with the same hive-mind homeless people/hipsters that attacked Champion Z. The first few encounters are fairly easy, but the mind is adapting and each group becomes more deadly. We avoid several fights to avoid them learning about us. We come across a group of much larger creatures that appear as a mix between human and Rikti – they hammer us with psychic waves that nearly drive us insane with terror.

The travel takes a terrible price as secrets best left buried are surfaced as survival becomes less certain. Champion Z discovers that No Limits is Sin Limites, the street fighter that killed his brother during an unsanctioned fight. Shadowhawke begins to flashback to the experiments that the Vahzilok, requiring us to carry him for several stretches. We find a tracking device on Blayzwing’s suit that uses Crey-tech. One of the battles does not involve us, but instead some para-military types lead by a vampire and werewolf. Champion Z jumps down and aids they, who call him their brother. He even comforts the Council warwolf when the creature dies.

We come to a large natural cavern with technology built into the walls. There are eight pods, four of them filled with humanoid-shaped figures. Around each of the filled pods are several armed men. With Champion Z leading us the thing:Iron Wolves go into what may be their last battle. When several Rikti drones come down from the ceiling they overpower Blayzwing gets drug into one of the empty pods. No Limits clears the space around him of drones and minions giving Shadowhawke enough time to being controlling the other villains running around. Champion Z covers Shadowhawke as No Limits works over the room.

When Shadowhawke is finally is overcome and drug into the pod, Champion Z changes up to join the battle the last of the minions. This frees up No Limits to go after the big bad evil boss – Big Steve. When he rocks Big Steve the BBEG the villain decides it is better to fight Champion Z and leaves No Limits behind. Champion Z stands strong against him long enough for No Limits to hammer him from behind. Together they mop up The Lost. While they are trying to free their friends a gas fills the room knocking them unconscious. The last thing either No Limits or Champion Z sees is a person wearing a Union Jack cape dragging them into pods.

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