Heroes of the City: Pravda

The pods are eventually opened as we regain consciousness. Shadowhawke is the first to awaken in this new environment. The pods are stuffed between several cargo containers. The entire area smells of salt and rust. He staggers over to one of the pods and discovers Crimson Lights, who is an attractive university student. While he is saving Blayzwing Crimson investigates the doors, but cannot get them open.

When Blayzwing and Shadowhawke come over she fades back into the shadows. They manage to the get the door open and go through a short hallway, Crimson trailing behind. The next room appears to be a laboratory or electronic workshop. There are no notebooks or computer terminals, but it seems poorly designed for humans. Things are in “a place” but not in any reasonable place.

We travel to another room and find dozens of humanoid-style robots. They could not be mistaken for humans, but neither could they be Clockwork – these are something else. They are working to assemble some machines or assembly line. A few of the robots are grinding the rust from the walls and polishing the bare metal. Crimson summons up some ice and freezes one of them. As one they all stop and swivel their heads around. A few moments later they generate some sort of force field similar to that used by Shadowhawke. We shut the door and Blayzwing slams a few cargo contains in front of them to keep it shut.

With a sense of panic we open one of the two remaining doors. The chamber is completely dark, which is fixed by Blayzwing lighting up his suit. There are containers that appear much newer than the others we have seen. We go inside and investigate. Several snake-like probes descend from the ceiling – focusing on the light. They only reach down fifteen feet from the ceiling putting them more than twenty feet from us. We can hear banging from inside the container so Shadowhawke searches for minds – finding one mind inside the container, but fractured. Crimson opens the containers allowing five small robots to float out of it. It begins to assemble itself into a form like those from the previous room.

Shadowhawke recognizes the oneness of the mind from the previous room. Blayzwing tries to communicate with it. The “entity” says we were given to it for experimentation. Its goal is the extermination of all organic life, which is clearly a problem for us. Shadowhawke tries to drive one of them back with fear, but it actually causes all of them to flee to the back of the container. We hammer them into small parts, which only causes noises in the other containers to increase in intensity. Blayzwing says he can see a door on the far side of the room. We rush forward in the hopes of reaching safety.

Beyond the door is another large space with a few scattered cargo containers. There is a door opposite the one that we entered. We hustle through the room and go through the far door. Beyond this room is some sort of control laboratory. There are jail cells and projected screens. The voice of the entity crackles from the loudspeakers. It says that we will not be allowed to escape. We can see the entity growing a body in the room beyond, divided from us by a thick glass. Blayzwing draws his hottest fire and slams into the glass shattering it.

The robot inside assembles a tube and shoots Blayzwing with an energy bolt in his heroic face. Crimson Lights teleports to Blayzwing and heals him and grants him more defense. Shadowhowke helps by putting the largest robot into a containment bubble leaving only five other robots to face us. Blayzwing’s Fire and Crimson Lights’ Ice hammer down on the catwalk nearly causing it to collapse. Shadowhawke drives the entity mind into a frenzy giving Crimson an opening to drive them down under a hail of ice. Blayzwing is distracted by drips of molten lava, but pushes through this “rain” to sweep fire among the robots.

With a final push we drive forward and destroy the controlling robot. After exploring we discover we are on a ship out at sea, heading towards the Rogue Isles. We call for help and eventually return to Paragon City. Once in the city we take the robot head we recovered to DATA for examination. The man-in-charge takes the robot head to the “men in back.” Shadowhawke listens in on the minds of two of the men, but gleans no useful information. Crimson Lights tries to hand around and get more information but fails to impress the boys.

Shadowhawke gets a call from Rebecca Brinell from Hero Corps about possible Vahzilok sightings. He finds they information concerns a match on the vomit that he brought in for analysis. These same Vaz hit Metro Consulting kidnapping several employees. Upon investigation we discover they entered the building and killed four people. After turning up nothing in the crime scene we go and investigate the witnesses at the Steel Canyon Medical Center.

Our primary victim seems to Dave Selton, a hydro-engineer that works for the Paragon City Water Works. He was in the office to help the company and it seems like the other victims just happened to be in the way. Dave works for Jeram Ryder, who we go to speak with next. Dave managed the Water Quality Division with the City Water Department.

Shadowhawke gets a call from Hero Corp about a Vaz attack in in the tunnel between Atlas Park and Steel Canyon. When we arrive the police have already blocked the tunnel. The Vaz attacked a semi-truck and wrecked several cars. Shadowhawke determines that there three human minds. As we get close we recognize them as Reapers controlling the zombies. Blayzwing is surrounded and driven away from us by thee zombies. Shadowhawke takes out two the Reapers while Crimson holds one of the zombies in place. This gives one of the zombies time to get close to them who them promptly explodes.

With Shadowhawke locking down the remaining Vaz allowing Blayzwing to easily kill them, while Crimson Lights teleports forward chasing the last mind that Shadowhawke scanned. The last survivor fled into the sewers below, pursued by Crimson and Shadowhawke. There is no trace found and after Blayzwing catches up a slower search has to be undertaken. Our progress is slower, but we pick up their trail. We eventually lose it when the trail leads to an abandonded subway tunnel.

Once back at the crime scene we search the truck for clues. The truck was from Crey Industries and was carrying chemicals associated with organ transplants.

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