Heroes of the City: Meat Grinder

After everyone breaks up to take care of personal issues Blayzwing gets a call that someone broke into his apartment and trashed his kitchen. When he arrives part of the wall is missing. It appears something large went through the wall and into the kitchen. Upon further investigation all of his appliances are missing and the damage is going the wrong way. Something in his kitchen broke out and through the wall. After calling a few contacts nobody knows anything like this before. He pulls up the footage from his security system and discovers that his fridge began to move and then transform into something humanoid. Once that finishes the rest of his appliances do the same.

He calls up Champion Z, Shadowhawke, and Crimson Lights and asks for help. Shadowhawke makes a few calls and finds out a similar incident happened at The Zig. Champion Z knocks on a few doors and finds out that someone saw a strange robot enter the storm system. We gather at our usual entrance and search through the muck. The clues are in short supply, but we eventually come out at a washout that overlooks Siren’s Call. Champion Z waits along the shore while everyone goes out and investigates – but nothing is found.

Before we can check out the rest of the area there is a city wide alert issued over the communication network that Steel Canyon. We are so close that we are the first heroes on the scene. While Crimson Lights wants to hold back and wait for coordination, but Blayzwing charges forward and eggs her on. Champion Z overtakes Blayzwing as we reach the attackers. A bunch of punks are trying to tear down a building support by two larger thugs holding weapons. Blayzwing flies in and blows them all up.

Once that group is finished we go in hunt for another group and find it around the corner. This group is far tougher. Their bosses not only get punched around far longer, but go through several transformations before finally succumbing to their wounds. The extreme healing factor of the last one poses a challenge as we grind away until we finally overcome it. There is a third group, but the less said about that battle the better as Blayzwing drops nearly all of them with a single strike. As we are tagging them for transfer to The Zig a paper falls out. It lists a a bunch of physical objects and points for the “Destruction Game”

We take this clue to the police station in Kings Row for some answers. For some reason the Freakshow have become active across the entire city, but the Overbrook neighborhood of Faultline seems to be more active than most.

After hearing screaming from the other side of the door Champion Z breaks down the door. There are five people strapped to gurneys being experimented on by two “doctors” while four thugs are standing around “helping.” The chimp rushes in and stuns a bunch of the thugs. This creates an opening for Blayzwing, Crimson Lights, and Shadowhawke to slide into the room. We manage to save everyone, including one poor guy who had his arm amputated.

While everyone else is getting the injured to safety, Champion Z tags the unconscious for transfer to The Zig. Suddenly the floor gives way under him as a pair of freaks tear apart the supports. While he hangs down calling for help they slice and hammer his legs. As Shadowhawke and Crimson Lights come to help Champion Z, Blayzwing loses control of his power. As Blayzwing’s power explodes outwards – shrapnel blows towards him from an exploding propane tank, severing his arm. He immediately calls for help, Shadowhawke flies off to help him, bundling him up and riding along in his ambulance.

We grind into a battle with Champion Z and Crimson Lights vs a pair of freaks. The freaks lose and the Iron Wolves win. As the building begins to collapse the heroes run out just in the nick of time. Fluttering down is a brightly color flying calling for the start of the Freakshow Olympics. Champion Z goes to make contact with his friends while Crimson returns to her dorm room.

The ambulance taking Blayzwing to the hospital diverts towards Kings Row. Shadowhawke goes to complain, but succumbs to the gas pumped by the EMTs. When they both wake up Blayzwing is in his bed and his arm has been replaced with a super high-tech cybernetic arm. He staggers out into his living room and finds Shadowhawke collapsed on his couch. While examining his arm he notices a small manufacturing stamp indicating “Property of Crey Industries.”

We track down a Dr. Kerner that has worked for the Freakshow called Pasalina Tech.

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