Heroes of the City: Iron Wolves

Azuria, contact for MAGI in Atlas Park contacts No Limits about a mission. He calls up the other Iron Wolves – Shadowhawke , Blayzwing , and Champion Z and invites them along. When we have she preforms some secretive spell to open a hidden room beyond the lobby. Once inside she tells us that after a battle with some Hellions they found a burner phone had been dropped by one of the combatants, unfortunately the thugs refuse to talk. There is a message on the phone that says 20:00RE:ART Cog. Unfortunately she is far to busy to chase down this clue, but thought it was perfect for a new supergroup.

After quickly dismissing No Limits idea that this was an art heist of antique mechanical cogs it is decided to we are going to hit the streets – and a bunch of gangers. We find a group of Hellions hanging out in a back alley. No Limits steps forward and demands information or unconsciousness. When they pull guns Champion Z jumps down to shield No Limits while Shadowhawke bubbles up a forcefield. This gives No Limit and opening to move around and charge the group, eventually holding one of them with his dark powers.

Blayzwing takes advantage of the chaos drilling one of the Hellions with fire, slamming him into the wall. When he moves into to closer distance his fire becomes nearly uncontrollable as fire blows out from suit. It chars a nearby building catching some rooftop gardens on fire. No Limits laughs at his companion’s trouble, but then has his own problems to deal with as his inner demon awakens and tries to wrest control of his body. As Shadowhawke puts his victim to sleep Blayzwing drops down in their midst and explodes in a fiery explosion.

With charred bodies dropping Champion Z draws the attention of the survivors, slamming his hands together stunning those near him. No Limits steps up to the last man standing and demands information or he will not be leaving this alley alive. With some encouragement the thug calls Shadowhawke’s cell phone and tell him what he knows about it. The message is that he does not know the location exactly but he knows that it is a meetup and COG is the acronym of the location.

The fire Blayzwing “accidentally” started begins to catch a nearby building on fire. While the others are putting out the fire No Limits sneaks off and begins hitting the streets for answers. He discovers there is a secret meeting location somewhere in Galaxy City near Hero Corp HQ. Blayzwing knows of a place called City of Gyros in Galaxy City. We meet there with No Limits and Shadowhawke on the inside, while Blayzwing and Champion Z patrol around the building.

Eventually as No Limits is eating his third gyro Shadowhawke gets bored and joins the others on patrol. He sees three guys crawl out of a storm drain cross the street and go into one on the opposite side. They have a very lost look on their face. He calls the rest of the team, allowing time for No Limits to get his dinner to go. We enter the storm drains with Blayzwing using a bit of his fire to light our path. Several minutes of following them the three thugs split up. No Limits follows one of them, Champion Z the other, and Shadowhawke and Blayzwing the third.

Blayzwing and Shadowhawk reach an large open junction. There are nearly a score of slack-jawed thugs in the room. Shadowhawke bubbles up him and Blayzwing just before the thugs open fire on them. The bubble saves Blayzwing’s life as the kid charges forward raining fire upon them. Champion Z and No Limits hear gunfire and turn around to help their companions.

The large collection center becomes a massive melee with the Iron Wolves battling out in near darkness with the sewer dwellers. The battle nearly turns against the heroes as Blayzwing loses control of his inner flame melting live wires which fall into the water. Champion Z had some of the thugs focussed on him, but the sparking water send them scattering. As the last few thugs fall over No Limits pick off the final three and loses control of his darkness, draining their souls from their bodies. Repairing much of the damage that he took.

Before sending the last thug off to The Zig Shadowhawke reads a mind. He gets a sense of loneliness, belonging, togetherness, someone joining. It is a confusing set of images, but there is a sense that someone powerful is joining them soon. We search a bit farther down the system but come up empty. It is time to head back to City of Gyros.

No Limits goes back inside to have some more food, while the others patrol around the building. An old man comes from the kitchen and gives everyone inside a coupon while apologizing that they are closing earlier. He does not give No Limits a coupon and in fact everyone else, including the staff leaving No Limits along in the restaurant. After a few minutes No Limits opens the front door letting Shadowhawke come inside. Champion Z tears off the back door and goes to the kitchen to hose himself down.

Blayzwing tells us that two large moving trucks are coming towards the back of the store. He tries to get closer but nearly gives himself away from his hidden position. He sees Champion Z exiting the building, unaware the thugs know that he is there and are laying in ambush. He is about to warn his companion, but hesitates at the last second watching as two large “devils” come out of the trucks. The thugs unload their weapons into Champion Z who dodges, avoiding most of the damage.

This provides and opening for No Limits to run out of the kitchen and goes fist to fist with one of the devils. Blayzwing and Champions Z tag team one of the trucks – with Champion turning one of the trucks on its nose. Shadowhawke has a perfect view into the upended box truck turning many of them against their companions. No Limits defeats one of devils and them drains one of his minions of life to heal his own wounds.

The battle winds down with Champion Z capping it off by picking up a garbage dumpster and tossing it into the upended truck where some of the Hellions were standing. Blayzewing finishes off the last of the Hellions with a large ring of fire. Before sending them off to The Zig Shadowhawke reads their minds. This attack was not the meeting, but an ambush. The Hellions noticed Champion Z was patrolling around the building so they sent some enforcers to deal with us.

With some help from Shadowhawke we manage to find a clipboard and a delivery that occurred before they stopped here. The drop-off was at a warehouse in Kings Row called Central Fizzy Pop. We also find a wallet and CDL license for someone in Steel Canyon. Champion Z remembers that Central Fizzy Pop went out of business several years ago. We modify the truck and drive it to Central Fizzy Pop.

Although the company has been shut down the building is still lit inside. In a back room inside we two Hellions. One dressed in “devil” paint while the other is beating a man tied to a chair.

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