Heroes of the City: Dr. Vahzilok

Champion Z wakes up inside a capsule. He forces the door open and stumbles out into a large open area. There is a typical flying saucer that dominates the room. There are several drones laying inert on the floor, while a few others move around slowly preforming maintenance. He leaps atop the spaceship and searches for an exit. When he hears the staccato of marching feet he leaps up and grabs unto some stalagmites to conceal himself. Some very alien creatures come marching in loose formation into the room. They pass through the room into a passageway on the far side. Champion Z follows them down the passage eventually reaching the large central chamber where the Iron Wolves were captured.

Champion Z sneaks out of the warehouse and contacts Blayzwing and Shadowhawke who are investigating the sewers with Crimson Lights. He meets up with them by the Crey Industries truck. After taking a count from the manifest the shipment comes up nine barrels short. While Shadowhawke and Blayzwing speak with the authorities about the thing:Vahzilok, Champion Z gets a phone call from person:Cassandra. She tells Champion Z that she has had another vision that involves him and his team. She saw some sort of conference filled with people wearing white lab coats being attacked by people with Hand-crossbows.

There is some news that place:Terra Volta could be the next target of the Vahzilok. When we try to speak with a supervisor he brushes us off brusquely so Blayzwing turns up the pressure on him. Shadowhawke and Crimson Lights sneak off to investigate. They find a line of people behind next to a uniform van geting chemical suits. Crimson Lights teleports past the security gates and gets in the line. The smell of death is very strong although nobody appears to be dead. She signals to Shadowhawke about what is happening. Shadowhawke sets up a mental communication network passing information.

Shadowhawke tries several times to get one of the employees to push open the vehicle door, but even under mental control the process is frustrating. This changes when he notices the person handing out the uniforms is wearing the black uniform of an Luminous Eidolon – he overwhelms the guard’s mind and forces him to open the door. The anger comes brightly across the mindscape that Shadowhawke had set up. This sends everyone else into action. Champion Z leaps through the open gate just behind Shadowhawke. Blayzwing runs to hit the alarm button only to find out that it has been sabotaged.

The battle becomes a mass of confusion as Champion Z overturns the uniform truck, dumping a pair of Eidolons from the back. This provides an opening for Blayzwing to land in the center and explode outward in fiery blast. Shadowhawke slams down anyone he can find into a mental mindscape of his own hell. He continues to hammer the Eiodolon into a mental paste. The remaining people eventually end up unconscious.

We sweep the area to any clues and find that the uniform truck has one of the barrels from Crey Industries in the back. While the others are trying to decide what to do Crimson Lights slips deeper into Terra Volta.

The others investigate the water mains, with Shadowhawke eventually seeing a bunch of them with barrels in the treatment plant. As he controls one of them to punch at the ground repeatedly, he calls in the others for aid. Champion Z and Blayzwing arrive shortly and the battle is joined. It is a long grindy battle and eventually it was over. They rescued three medical doctors from Chiron Medical Center that was working on rejection drug. The advantage is that anyone that takes the drug becomes highly susceptible to experimentation.

The plan is to bust through one of the large pipes where we believe the Vahzilok are going to release the drug. Using Blayzwing’s fire to soften the metal lets Champion Z tear off a hole in the top. As the top tears off we can see a bunch of zombies, Eidolons, and someone wearing the skin of dozens of people. Shadowhawke recognizes it as Dr. Vahzilok. Before Blayzwing can react the Vahzilok attck him and drive him back. Even just being in the presence of Dr. Vahzilok is enough to shake Champion Z.

Just as we are putting our plan into action, Blayzwing has already been defeated until Crimson Lights teleports to and heals him. Champion Z finds a pallet that can hold at least five of the eight barrels inside the pipe. He loads them up and jumps through the top of the pipe, unfortunately drawing attention to himself – but managing to escape. Shadowhawke hammers down Dr. Vahzilok into a prison bubble and begins to lock up as many of the Eidolon has possible. Crimson Lights reduces the inertia of the barrels and chucks one into the air.

Champion Z escape and guards the barrels giving Blayzwing and Crimson Lights time to get inside and capture the rest of the barrels; although Blayzwing ended up exploding one of the barrels all over him.

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