Welcome to West Glanerry

We are in the land of West Glanerry, but who are we?

A mighty band

Adric Fordaye. Once destined to be a court bard to a nation and world that no longer exists. No longer quite human when he stumbled out of the scar nearly 500 years later.

Aramil. A druid of the land who strongly believed in the cleansing nature of fire and storm.

Cricket. A halfling sorcerer raised by goblins of the Blue Crow clan after they found her. Even the goblins eventually left her in the woods and escaped.

Emily Hayden. Farm girl from Hayden, a ranching village to the north where she was hailed as the hero “Red Hammer” for defending against an orc warband.

Laura. Half-drow from the underdark who left for the surface to find her father’s people.

Pavel Nightbreeze. A paladin of vengeance whose skill with the bow has felled many a foe.

So it begins

Emily Hayden and Adric Fordaye are in the village of Fayette when Emily senses an incoming battle. She yells for the people to take cover, supported by Adric’s melodic tones. As the orcs comes over the wall Adric rallies the people while Emily falls under the mass of the orcs that breach the walls. Adric and the people manage to rescue Emily and drive back the orcs. But the orcs captured those held in the village jail.

Aramil senses that Camp Bentar is under attack and runs towards the alarm bell, with the halfling sorcerer Cricket holding unto his back. As he is ringing it, a man on the wall tumbles down with a javelin piercing his chest. Pavel Nightbreeze rushes towards the gate to hold it against the orcs that charge forward.

While the attack is defeated, the orcs managed to slip inside the fort and free those held under guard in the cells. Aramil climbs atop the wall and looks at the retreating orcs. He sees a large helmeted figure leading the retreating orcs.

It is nearly two hours after the attack on the village when a company of soldiers arrive to oversee the after effects of the attack. Adric is given orders to return to the fort, while the sergeant gives Emily the recruitment speech to enlist her aid. While the recognition of her past would have driven her from Fayette eventually, its her sense that she failed to hold the wall that entices her to join.

Emily, Aramil, Adric, Cricket, and Pavel find themselves in a small room along with Private Morgan. The fort has sent several other mercenary groups after the retreating orcs. The tendency of the orcs is to scatter upon reaching The Scar, so each group will hunt a different group. Each volunteer will get 20 gp upon success, plus 20 gp for each living prisoner returned.

There is tension between the officer leading the main expedition and the men he commands. His company will be pursing to the north and following the largest body of the orcs. This does not bode well for them as The Scar is a dangerous enough place without worrying about your command.

The Scar

We enter the scar through Three Oak Pass, a common marker along the rim, and turn to the south. The woods become thicker as we continue to descend. Our best guess is that six orcs split off to the south leading one of theĀ  prisoners. The orcs are making no effort to disguise their tracks, opting for speed now that they are on more familiar ground.

We are less than an half hour down the path when Pavel hears orcish voices ahead. They are complaining that they were forced to watch the path for intruders. Everyone slips into the woods on either side of the trail to ambush. Fire blazes across the grasslands, smoking the orcs from their ambush. Cricket falls under the orc’s blade, but Aramil moves in to defend her until she can regain her feet. The other orc moves down the trail towards Emily, who is supported by Paval, Adric, and Morgan.

With the orcs defeated the company loots what they can from the orcs and push on to darkness. The orc trail is four hours old and with the coming night they will move faster. We camp for the night only interrupted by a herd of startled deer that charge through the camp.

The next morning we continue down the path as it follows the ridge south. Nearly six hours pass until we come across the remains of an orc encampment near a stream. We can tell that their prisoner is beginning to tire. We know they killed a Bullywug, so it is no surprise when several other bullywugs rise out of the river and advance towards us.

Paval pantomimes to the creatures the orc teeth that Cricket has been collecting into a necklace. The bullywugs hate the orcs and seem to understand that we are hunting them as well. They motion to us before retreating and slipping back into the waters.

We continue to press hard for the rest of the daylight and by nightfall we have gained several hours on the raiders. Their trail is only two hours old as everyone eats and rests for the night. If we push as hard tomorrow then we should be able to attack them tomorrow.

In the very early evening a pair of worgs stumble upon our trail and attack us. Adric is nearly killed but we manage to dispatch them without much effort.

Prisoner Pursuit

We are only a few hours into the next morning when we come across an area of a struggle. It appears that the prisoner managed to escape and cut a few false trails to throw off the pursuing orcs. We find the correct trail and proceed with haste. If luck is with us we will reach the escaped prisoner before the orcs can chase them down.

By late afternoon we see a clearing ahead where four orcs have surrounded a Drow. She threatens them with death if they come any closer, but they are unimpressed. With their backs to us we charge into the clearing – spells and arrows flying ahead of us. Private Morgan falls during the first orc charge into our ranks. Following behind in quick succession are Emily, Aramil, and Adric.

All would have been lost except that several goblins charge the orcs from the underbrush, urged on by Cricket. They reap through the orcs, killing two of them outright and causing another to flee. The prisoner, who had pulled a hidden dagger, kills the orc that was trying to recapture her then runs down orc that was trying to flee.

Pavel reaches the battle-line and saves those that have fallen. One orc does manage to escape with the goblins chasing him. The goblins return and speak with Cricket. The goblins are from Ogrestomper Clan and their weapons and armor are exceptionally maintained. They tell us to go further and we would find something others needed to understand – that Aramil needed to see himself.

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