Sir! The Slaves are Revolting!

After freeing the slaves they confront Pavel Nightbreeze about the sins of his father. His father first came into these mines in search of wealth. Following him down were the lizardmen who enslaved them. Pavel promises to lead them out of The Scar and help them settle in the world above. The slaves take up arms from the lizardmen and follow us to free those still enslaved.

Adric Fordaye and Laura head out in front, while Pavel, Emily Hayden, and Cricket are pacing the freed slaves. Aramil stays behind to hold a line of retreat open.

Adric and Laura reach a hidden location where they can spy upon nearly a dozen lizardmen guarding a score of slaves. We set-up a hasty ambush and launch our attack. A pair of slavers are down before they can react and charge us, attempting to push aside the mine cart that we have used for cover. The armed slaves not only rush the surviving lizardmen, but convinced those working this area to rise up as well.

Once the slaves are freed we are forced to retreat from the mines and back into the forest as many of us are heavily wounded. The next morning Aramil stays behind at the cavern with the freed slaves and Gordon while the rest of us return to the caves to free the remaining slaves.

Adric find the tracks of several heavily laden lizardmen, we follow them in hopes of discovering the main encampment. We come across an emcampment in series of lobes created by a flowing river. The barracks are empty and the fire has been out for several hours. Deeper in we discover a widened out where a small lobe is blocked by wooden logs to create a makeshift cell. Just past the bars the bodies of several aquatic elf and merfolk are hanging.

The slaves tell us the lizardmen killed several of the slaves after taking anything valuable before leaving. We still manage to find a few gems left behind in their scramble to leave.

We hear the sounds of a large number of lizardmen approaching and quickly head back to our hidden encampment before they can find us. Once we get back to camp Gordon tells us that he has enough information that he does not need to gather the last soil sample. We lead the newly freed slaves to the Lakes District where they can begin their life anew.

With our mission accomplished we return to West Glanerry for our reward.


After three weeks in West Glanerry the Band of the Lucky Coin is ready to move on, so each of the members spend time looking for new jobs. During one such outing Adric spots Madrigal wandering around the town in disguise. He offers a job to the Band if they can locate Nilsaria and her camp without her discovering they have been caught. He provides a rough location where she can be found, but they have not found the encampment.

When Laura gets back to her room she finds an envelope on her bed. It “magically” identifiers her and allows itself to open. It states, “You have made a claim about your heritage and we cannot confirm the truth of this statement as the person that can confirm this has a long term commitment. If anything changes in the future we will make you aware.” She believes this note concerns her father and tries to find out who left it, but is unsuccessful.

We elect to take the job offered by Madrigal as he has offered to help us get information on Averno. Aramil has some personal business to deal with and will catch up to us later. A small town we pass through throws a small festival in honor of “Red Hammer“, the hero of the people. Emily is less than happy, but promises the people that if there is trouble she will gladly call them to aid.

Once again on the road we see a smoke in the distance. Adric, who purchased a horse in town, rides on ahead to see what has happened. He comes across a burning wagon near a young man and his father, who have apparently been attacked by bandits. He summons his magic and heals the peasants wounds. The bodies of two bandits clubbed to death lay on the ground showing the peasants made a good accounting of themselves.

Adric gives the peasants enough coin to buy a new wagon. The folk are grateful and warn Adric to be wary on the road. Bandits often ply their trade between the villages, but of late they have become larger in number and more aggressive. They still have not attacking any of the villages, but it only a matter of time.

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