Face to face with the villain

Emily Hayden, Pavel Nightbreeze, Adric Fordaye, and Cricket of the Band of the Lucky Coin cross Three Oaks Pass and enter The Scar. We wind our way down the pass, avoiding patrols and a scattering of worg. Our plan is to slip behind the army and work our way back towards people:Averno’s castle.

We travel for the rest of the day until Pavel, who is scouting out front, stumbles upon a manned blind watching the road. The humans inside call out a challenge to him. He attempts to deceive the guards, but in the end he simply bullies his way past them when the rest of us get close enough to overhear the conversation.

The next blind has two humans who are supposed to be on watch, but instead drunkenly staggering about. Pavel passes by, but ten minutes later when Cricket is passing close she blasts them with a pair of firebolts. Adric follows up and the pickets are quickly killed. Adric remembers them as Nilsaria’s men who were practicing in the woods.

Less than two hours later we arrive at the tree line outside of Averno’s castle. There appears to be a single orc watching the gate. Adric, concealing Cricket, approaches on horseback hoping to convince the orc he has a message for Averno. Unfortunately the orc notices something strange, but before he can cry for help Pavel and Emily kill him from the tree line. Cricket launches herself at the heavy log barricade and clears it away before Adric can even offer to help.

As Emily and Pavel break from cover and charge the main gate, Adric and Cricket push their advantage into the keep. In the press of battle as everyone is engaged in battle, Averno steps out of one of the training rooms and fireballs Pavel and Cricket, knocking Cricket down. Pavel pushes towards Averno until the villain is forced to Misty Step away.

Adric is locked in battle with a soldier and pair of newly trained magicians. The mages hammer him with spells, while the soldier stops him from closing the distance. Emily finally manages to kill the soldier in the tower and runs towards the courtyard to aid her companions. Before she can kill the soldier, he surrenders, allowing Adric to grab the documents and maps Averno left behind in his haste to leave.

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