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We see orcs hiding in a blind after trailing the wagon

Laura meets Madrigal and Sonata. They tell her that someone is diverting supplies from the fort. they want her to keep an eye on the crossroads to the north. Watch for wagons that turn away from the fort and trail them to see where they go.

She sees one with two drovers in military tabards turn away. They change out the tabards. They meet up with some orcs who take up guard positions

They stop at a guard post.

They pass a marked package up to some people in the blind. She notices Emily and gang getting ready to attack the guards in the blind.

She readies her bow to prepare an attack and takes down one. Yipee.

Emily chases one who runs off because the player is not here this week. I am working the entire weekend grinding away on a project. Yuck.

We defeat them. We find rations marked with the army’s stamp in there hidden campsite. We recover trophies from the dead orcs for bounty. More axes to sell off later, plus 28 gold.


We follow the wagon’s path for a while, but lose it. We hear axes on wood. Laura and Adric sneak up to investigate. They find humans using paper plans giving the orcs instructions on what to do.

There are 5 lizard men loggers, 15 orcs . 2 Lizard men roughing the lumber out and three orcs.

Laura thinks they are making siege equipment while Adric thinks it is furniture.

We find the trail of the wagon. We encounter another hide. More axes and 29 gold this time.


We found evidence that there should have been one more. Laura goes after him and takes him out. An axe and 6 gold. Times are pretty tough unless you are running the market on Great Axes.


We follow the wagon again and find three fairly large encampments. 50 troops in each. ⅔ orc and ⅓ lizard man. There is evidence that they have been training, including ladders.

The wagon that we are following is now running much more lightly. We are now pretty deep into the Scar by now.

We continue on…the wagon had been going south and east, changes direction to go north and east.

We pass two more blinds, but we are not spotted by those. We bypass them so that the enemy doesn’t notice that we’d followed the wagon the whole way. We see in gaps between the trees a ruin. It is about 200’ wide at the front. It is a wall, crumbling and old. It appears to be an enclosure.

The wagon has gone there.

We see guarding the gate a orc and a lizardman. (More of a break in the wall than an actual gate.) There is a wooden barricade that they can pull in the way as a defense if needed.

The ruin is at the peak of the hills. There may be some crumbled towers on the corners.

While we watch we see two people come to the gate. One is an orc, the other appears to be a human with white hair.

The orc is given a scroll case and runs off to our left.

We circle the area to look to see the fort around all angles. We see that the wall is a ruin, crumbled to 6-8’ in place.  We can see places where they chucked rubble outside,  rolling down the hill. We see where the low areas have been shored up with wood.

We see evidence that someone is practicing flame bolts as we see jets of fire shooting at various birds. Then, finally we see magic missiles. There were only three. There appear to be three spell casters.

There appear to be temporary structures, forming a military HQ.

The guards at the gate are armored in metal and carry metal weapons.

We try to make camp that night.


On fourth watch an orc runner runs through our camp. Cricket waits in ambush and hits him with shocking grasp


Eventually we take him down. Guess what the treasure is – 1 Great Axe and 14 gp. Soon I will have saved up enough money to buy a pair of pants.


Don’t forget a letter with a vital clue. The letter in common says:

I know we have to move up the timetable because of the incident you suffered. We can send you 45 more men to make sure there are sufficient numbers and to make sure the fort cannot send a message of the siege to the army.

Training is a tiefling working with young orcs and humans. He is dryly explaining some magic theory. Oh, averno, Duuuuddde, like what’s up?


I see a white haired asimir talking to him.


Averno asks on the progress of the trainees. The instructor says that maybe they’ll be able to do first level spells in a couple of weeks.

Averno replied, “I know Nilsara is still trying to recruit magicians, I am expecting a message back from her.”

Cricket notifies the group of what she saw. We decide to make haste back to the fort so we can warn them. It took some persuasion to get Pavil to not attack right away.

On our way out through Twin Peaks, we hear the howling of whargs.  We move to find a defensible place to fight.


We see two orcs, a whorg being ridden by a goblin. There are two orcs and two lizardmen behind them.


We wait for them to get close in range.


After they all are dead, we search the bodies. Yipee more great axes and 42 gold. This is like a game of Clone Wars – where the treasure and bad guys are just clones of what is in the book, We got a brace of javelins this time, so that was nice.



The orcs are not from the same tribe. It is possible that the lizardmen are also from different tribes.

We return to West Glannery with no further issues. We see the officer that we’d seen before.


We tell him everything we have learned. He wants us to take another mission. Deliver the message. We will discuss

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