The past winds come calling

Jim has a dream that flows as does his magic. He seems himself watching Lisa’s house. There are multiple copies of the same worker working on the outside of the house. The task seems to be putting up bricks on a corner wall. He approaches the one worker that appears to be working on building the wall. The worker notices him so he sits down and chats. The worker is trying to protect Lisa from spirits that seek to harm her as she has gone far from home. A spirit of creation or near infinite possibilities.

The worker gives her name as Montana, but says that she cannot help her anymore except with advice. He tries to call Lisa, but his phone only reaches out to himself. He does have a very nice conversation with himself, but not necessarily enlightening. He does get some good advice about doors. As the dream begins to fade he sees himself in in construction clothing building a wall. Then he wakes up.

Jim spends the morning trying to digest the meaning of the dream and meditating. In the early afternoon he visits the large central obelisk. He notes that there are cameras watching it, but thankfully the time he spends watching the obelisk they seem to be pointed away.

He returns to his shop researching the company that built the monument and puts together a small ritual to examine the obelisk. Before he can cast his ritual he sees an unusual encounter take place outside his store.

A young man in street clothes approaches a middle-aged man walking his dog. He pulls out a small golden orb and says, “Hail Eris.”

The man responds with “All Hail Discordia,” after looking at the orb. The man then gets his wallet out and after going though the contents he hands the kid a small piece of paper. The kids is very excited about the message and after discarding it on the ground leaves with his hand pumping in the air. The other man gets into his car and leaves.

With the ritual in place and books scattered about with notes and details back to the colonial-era he begins to put together a map of Detroit. The only node around the central obelisk appeared far before the nation was founded. The strongest nodes in the area seem to correspond to the major headquarters of the various auto companies. The pattern is unmistakable – this falls into the pattern of what the Technocracy did to various covens of the Order of Hermes. Nodes are converted into centers of learning and scientific innovation.

4-November 2015

In the morning he picks up some additional camera and security systems for his store. Things are taking a very dark turn and it is best to be prepared.

Using a map and some information he spends the morning dousing for the most likely place that new obelisks would being to be built by the local residents. This takes him several hours to locate the most likely places. He then uses the map to locate the three people that where at the central obelisk.

5-November 2015

That night he drafts up three letters of introduction along with his business card and drops them off at Palintar Engineering, Lisa’s house, and Aaron’s studio apartment. When Lisa and Abe leave the studio she noticed an unposted letter stuck to the side of his mailbox. The letter of introduction is from Jim at Bell, Book, and Index. He is also a member of the Order of Hermes. Abe and Lisa drive by the bookstore, although it is difficult to locate they do eventually find it.

Jim sees the Abe and Lisa waiting outside and after some brief introductions we are led into the back room. Aaron joins the discussion by speaker phone. Abe adds Jim’s information to the smart board and together the information maps pretty strongly to the information already gathered. Abe gets Gabriel on the phone and asks if he would let Aaron borrow the lab equipment from his school for a few tests. He says that he does not have the proper equipment, but knows somebody that does. He promises to call tomorrow.

6-November 2015

In the morning Abe grabs a quick breakfast and grabs some equipment from his business before heading for the Shoe Tree along with Mothership. He spends most of the morning and afternoon monitoring the fluctuations within the spirit energy. The conclusion is that the node is dying and there is nothing that he can do about it. After getting a sandwich from a local shop he sits under the tree and discusses with Mother if there is anything he can do about it.

After lunch he calls up his employees and holds a “rest of day lunch meeting” with them. They discuss the company Christmas party – it is decided that the company will be buying tickets for the full marathon including a dinner and after-movie party at a local bar. After saying good-bye to this employees for the weekend, Abe drops his mentor, Uncle Sanjay a link to the smart board. He wants a fresh pair of eyes on the information.

Lisa is just chilling at home when she calls Solomon Wiseman to check up on him. They chat for a bit and Lisa invites him back for another party. He turns it down, after nearly dying he has begun to think about what he really wants out of life. He believes that the world would be far better off without certain people in it. Most people want the world to advance, but some people simply stand in the way. Stand in the way of everything progressing to a better place. Lisa encourages him to come over and try some meditative stretching with her. He reluctantly agrees to come over later.

Lisa is determined to find the node that she was told about. Using her intuitive feeling it leads her to Jazz Instruments – a music shop that appears to have been closed for years. She tries to get inside

Aaron goes and visits the Junkyard that serves as his node. He not only finds a nice spool of heavy copper wire as Tass, but a cat spirit is walking back and forth in front of the lot. Aaron follows the the cat to a small abandoned business where the cat eventually leads him to uncover a hatch buried under the dirt. Etched into the hatch is his phone number, which when he calls opens the door. He descends the steps until he reaches the bottom.

Down the passageway he finds a room that appears from the 1970s. Hanging up inside of the closest are several bio-hazzard suits. The pantry is full of simple black-n-white food cans from Karma Foundation. He passes through a submarine-style airlock at which point the cat says his good-byes to Aaron and goes into the mist beyond. Aaron then returns back to the real world, well into the evening, retrieves his spool of wire and goes home.

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