7-November 2015

Uncle Sanjay helps clarify some of the information that has been gathering on the smart-board along with forwarding information t hat Paradigama is currently accepting applications for its January 2016 issue. Abe takes this as the kick-in-the-butt that he needs publish again. He drives over to his sanctum at Palinar Engineering to work on some large-sky thinking.

After several long hours Abe and Mothership have scattered ideas around the sanctum. The end result is that he has drawn a strange parallel between nodes, advanced mechanization, and the work of the Technoracy following the Industrial Revolution. There are plenty of well-documented examples of them turning nodes into power sources in medieval Europe, but the same thing happening in America is far less researched.

Abe decides to draw upon his own personal experience of what is happening in Detroit, pulling in past examples of similar events in Gary, Indiana and Allentown, Pennsylvania. This triumvirate of locations have in common that they involved new technology for the time along with dis-humanization of massive mechanization.

A capstone of his first draft is a 1930s article about how the Technoracy written by Dr. Volcano about how they restructure nodes into extra-dimensional power sources. They use a large floating sailing ships called the Qui La Machine that stays in the Umbra and restructures nodes. Abe sends a text to Lisa asking if she could help him see into the Umbra and find the Qui La Machine that is working in Detroit.

Aaron spends much of his morning and afternoon working on a new piece of artwork. He puts together large sections of black sheet metal with open wire framework in the shape of a cat. It comes out very well and seems to capture the physical character of the cat. He eventually runs out of materials and so he decides to put an avant-garde piece together. Drawing upon inspirations of Guernica after the Spanish Civil War he sculpts a disturbing image. He calls Lisa over to take a look at it – he has Lisa kiss a small black stone, but does not tell her why. What she does not know is that Aaron plans to use her kiss to draw a parallel with the black stone held by Tallow Pall.

Aaron drops Lisa off at Palintar Engineering to meet with Abe. He gives her an explanation that puts her to sleep, but she wakes up near the end. He needs her ability to see into the Umbra to shore up the information he has gathered about the technocratic node machine. A ritual lasting several hours is needed to extend Lisa’s vision to Abe. Once in place they drive around to various nodes, including the large central node, but cannot find any evidence that such a machine is operating in Detroit.

Before returning Lisa to home he stops by a large node that has been twisted, which currently houses  ALJ Inc. and Reconcepting Manufacturing. The node appears as solid, opaque, and imposing as the building in the real-world. The only other node that shows the same sort of Disappointed Abe drives Lisa home before returning to Palintar Engineering to play video games for the rest of the night.

8-November 2015

In the morning Aaron spends time in the family library researching spirits and dream magic. Most of the material is far beyond his own abilities so in the early afternoon he relaxes with some fencing.

CRRRD is made up of many of the largest local personalities, in addition to Bernard Troop. Representatives from all the automotive companies, a member of city council, and some local actors

9-November 2015

Lisa goes down to CRRRD headquarters in order to volunteer. After filling out some basic information about her qualities she ends up being assigned to clean up around the offices. At the end of the work day she watches each of the managers of CRRRD leave the building. She notices that Jessica Simpson is heavily charged enough that she must surely be awakened.

Aaron drops by various locations where CRRRD has been doing some of their work.

Abe sends an email to his company employees with a link to his new project – a system of wireless electricity, inspired by Nikola Tesla, that will link a series of cars in the city granting everyone the ability to travel at a very low cost. In addition the cars will share datalinks giving the system the ability to enhances and optimize itself. All employees, from fabbers to engineers, will be expected to spend 1 day a week working on this project.

That evening Aaron spends some time pulling the Tass from the electrical cable he found into his periapt.

Lisa spends time down at the jazz shop trying to woo the node to opening up to her. She feels at bit closer, but still not making a deep connection.

10-November 2016

Lisa returns to her job at CRRRD and finds that she is now assigned to work the phone bank making cold calls. Every moment that she can spare she talks to the people that she calls about the good of Detroit. The personal stories.

Aaron spends a bit of time order parts that he needs for his art and then spends time researching Jessica Simpson. She is a national figure, although she was born and raised in Detroit. She has taken her small seed money and spread across many different businesses. From cosmetics to home products to production companies. She is still considered a in-demand actress along with her business acumen.

Abe does not leave his sanctum. He continues to work like a mad fiend to solve his twin problems. The design and works of his company for a series of autonomous vehicles running on electricity delivered OTA. The second is his article that he is pushing hard to get published in the next issue and return to his academic roots.

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