Doom Arena

Blackyard Prison

Something starts to glow in the Blackyard Prison. It begins with a very localized earthquake that cracks nearby buildings. A large ghostly wolf-like creature raises its head from the prison yard and howls. The prison walls begin to burn, casting a hellish light on the nearby buildings. The shadows twist and form into creatures, killing any who come close. The Royal Knights and Guardians of Order rush to the area to drive back the unearthly things. With the help of the people of Old Town they are able to contain the things to Rottziel.

While attention is diverted a small group of elves try to force their way across the Doursse River at the Temple of Luminous Kaskade. A group of Karashites stop them from getting through. The elves then try and flank around the worshipers, but there are far too many of them and each of the roads are successfully blocked, forcing the elves to try through the streets of Old Town.

As the elves slip through the streets two large tentacles slide over the walls of the prison, writhing and burning from the runes upon the walls. They grab anyone nearby, throwing their bodies into the mouth of the great wolf. A group of Mladovians, some battered refugees, and members of the Night Watch work together to destroy one and force into the Rottziel where the Guardians can battle it. The Great Wolf steps over the wall, but is met by a wall of steel, godly might, and sorcerer spells. It is battered into nothingness, but hundreds will not live through the night.

With a sense of order returning the elves return to the docks, their mission unknown, but unfulfilled.

Belenus and Nigel talk to Dobry about the information that Nigel had collected from the priest. Dobry tells them about the ley lines and how anyone who purchased property along them could do magic there with no one noticing. Dobry is helpful, but Nigel notices that he gives his own people priority over any other requests. When confronted he offers no apologies as he himself is willing to give to the defense of the city whose leaders tried to destroy his people. Dobry agrees to investigate the ley lines and the Royal Guards agree to protect him while he looks into it. Dobry does mention that the drawings on the notes that Nigel had recovered were some kind of summoning circle.

The Chips Fall

Elven Quarter

Belenus decided to seek Thanian, one of the Enclave elves, for more information. They talk to someone at the picket. Nigel does a soul read on him. The elf at the picket asks if Belensu had worked with a chandler. When Belenus confirmed it, the elf led him to a house and leaves them to wait in what appears to be a small parlor. Nigel snooped around a little, but found nothing. He saw inside a little attic area that appeared to be for storage.

In due time Thanian shows up and discusses magic with the two of them. Nigel shows him the drawings of the ley lines that he recovered. Thanian admits he does not know all of the ley lines, but that Nigel’s map is incorrect for many of them. As this map is drawn simply cannot exist. He made over a dozen corrections on the drawings for Nigel. He told them that it looked like a spell for trying to draw something in from the outer realms, something huge. One of the properties is recognized as a Terrante family holding. It was also where an incident had happened recently. This property is in the Rottzeil district.

Tunnels below Tminir Tower

Brizanthimus, Xarth and Gia Sojourner continue further into the tunnel. They can feel the air flowing back and forth, almost like waves or breathing of some great creature. They decide to press on to find where this leads. They come to a nest of dog sized winged reptiles blocking the passage. Gia identifies them as timber wyverns. The animals are torpid as they hibernate in mass over the winter. However, if they are disturbed enough, then they could be awakened. The trio carefully made their way past the sleeping creatures.

Past the wyverns, the tunnel appears to have been worked. There is the remains of a ladder leading to an upper level, but rocks have blocked the passage. The passage continues until they get to a room that Xarth and Briz recognize. It is the summoning room that had the trapped demon flesh in the center. Now, the rivers pools of ichor no longer flowed up the walls, but were slowly filling the cavern. The raised walkways and bridges were below the level of the ichor. Across the way, the large demon that had been leading the troops was standing on the wall and digging at the rocks.

Xarth immediately calls One-Eye, his nightmare, and bellows a challenge to the demon. While he battles the enormous creature, Gia notices that the room is made up of stone spirits unnaturally locked into place. She believes they were formed this way to create a barrier that would help to keep demons bound inside the room. It also has very strange effects on the room itself, making it possible to walk slowly on the walls. She can sense a portal to the shadow realms in the room. She sensed that something on the other side, something large and powerful, looked back and saw her.

With Gia absorbed in talking to the walls, Brizanthimus jumps down to help Xarth. While Xarth avoids the ichor on horseback, Briz summons the power of Corvis to dam up enough room to stand. He feels the eyes of Llannoth the Lich King upon him as he pulls in more magic from the city. The demon pulls its own rib from its body and slams it into One-Eye, driving the Nightmare back to the Realm of Fire. Luckily for Xarth he falls into the area that Briz has kept clear of the ichor, but has taken a terrible beating from the demon.

Guardians of Order

Nigel leaves Belenus and seeks out the Guardians of Order. He shares the information that he had learned from Father Derrick and asks for help in tracking down the properties in the Rottzeil District. A small group of them accompany him. He finds a butcher shop where the Terrante property is located. He finds a deep hole in the floor where the blood could flow into it. The tunnel is lined with magical sigils. At the bottom, there is a channel leading to either side top the shaft. The blood is clearly flowing in one direction.

Alanna tells Nigel that she would guard this location through the night. She assigns one of their number to assist him, a talkative fellow named Harold. Nigel asks if he can speak with Dae, telling Alanna about the vision that he and Dae had seen. As they head towards their encampment Nigel and Harold are attacked by a Reaver.

Word and Bond

Bell attempts to commune with his swords. He ends up summoning Hugo, an angel of battle. Hugo is a fierce warrior and is very annoyed at being summoned by Belenus for such a petty reason. The angel does tell Belenus that the way to master those swords is to dominate them as the nature of stone is not to bend. He takes him to a place where he can duel with the elemental spirit in the swords and asks Belenus to name his second, the person who would kill him if he failed to be honorable. Belenus names Mirwen, who is glad to serve as his second – an excuse to kill Belenus is fine by her. The stone elemental brings with it Horenski, the last of the Daughters of Ice and Wind.

Countess Hapsteng

Oswald seeks out Lady Haupstang. He learns that she is well supported by the nobles and the city guard. In addition the Queen’s Guard have taken the Lord Marshal into protective custody after several failed assassination attempts on his life. Oswald investigates to see if any of the guards have weaknesses that he could exploit. They are garrisoned in the main keep, but he learns that there is one who is married and visits his wife and father-in-law frequently.

The wife is living with her parents near the Plaza Market. Oswald went to try to talk to her and her family about contacting the man, but is told that he is not at the residence. Oswald knows that they are not telling the truth, but hopes that he spooked his quarry into leading him somewhere. He tried to hide, but unfortunately the man turned that way before he could duck. The man reaches for his blade and prepares to attack.

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