The tree of freedom is watered

Luc1f3r finishes translating and encrypting everything that was discovered at the secret complex. Once done he posts all of the information into the net for everyone to one day discover. Unfortunately his encryption is not too good and it is quickly cracked by the community at large. To celebrate he goes to Edeline’s bar for some drinks. She is not there, but dropping her name gets him a spot at the bar.

The evening news has a breaking story that appears on all channels. It is a very grainy film, but it shows a medical procedure on a living human. The doctors remove the skull cap, which allows their scanner to destructively “read” the brain and a nearby 3D printer create a metallic brain, which is hooked into a machine. The process kill the patient, but the brain is alive and possibly functional.

Edeline gets contacted by her brother that she is getting close. She calls Dr. Nakayama, who has also seen the video. They both remember the machine from their time in the first government complex. They agree to meet to discuss how the information got out and the consequences of the knowledge. Over the next few hours more information breaks, videos of gorillas using combat rifles and other genetic animals behaving far beyond their intelligence. John Doe, working at a hospital, calls Dr. Nakayama after seeing the video – but his call is interrupted by his Death Cult calling him to complain. They want him to find whomever leaked this information – immediately.

Edeline, Dr. Nakayama, and John Doe are all at the coffee shop when they realize that it must be Luc1f3r that released all of the information. Eventually they track him down to his room, where they subdue him with the drugs found in his apartment. John Doe takes him to the hospital where he works, so that he can watch him. The staff brings him around allowing John Doe and Dr. Nakayama to question him. They want Luc1f3r to find out who is showing the video of him, since they are clearly trying to muddy the waters about the coverage. He gets enough information to identify the military AI, but not much else.

When Luc1f3r notices that he is being tracked and fed false information John Doe clears the hallways so that we can make our escape quickly. We are only a block away when a military strike hits the building, followed by several heavily armed squads of soldiers. Dr. Nakayama arranges for us to have a military vehicle, John Doe provides disguises, Luc1f3r the identifications, and Edeline the expertise. FRU-42 provides us with the excuse to be on the base – an escaped and dangerous genetic prototype.

Military AI

Everything is going pretty well, until we are spotted when Edeline changes the wall of one of the computer complex buildings into a partial door. We knock out the guard and rush into the building. Luc1f3r hacks into a terminal and determines there are eight floors below the basement drawing a tremendous amount of power. Dr. Nakayama stays behind while the rest of us enter the secret complex.

Inside of the secret complex is the most massive AI any of us has ever seen. There is a single person wearing a complex helmet that allows them to control and suppress the chaotic nature of the AI. When Edeline enters the room, the person is briefly controlled by the AI. The AI is actually Edeline’s brother. He cannot go with us, but he can help us. He provides Luc1f3r with a outside connection and incriminating evidence, which Luc1f3r spreads across the world.

Dr. Nakayama calls General Larson, who is in charge of this operation, and attempts to secure his own safety by selling the rest of us out. Unfortunately the General is not in a negotiating mood and warns Dr. Nakayama that his troops will kill anyone involved.

The Truth

Once the information has been spread across the world, Luc1f3r returns to the real world with a escape route provided by Edeline’s brother. We gather up Dr. Nakayama and use the tunnel to escape before the military can breach the secure central AI complex. The tunnel takes us just outside of the city. We look on a city in the middle of intense rioting. The population of the city is overthrowing the military-government after all the information points to the military controlling and experimenting on the population.

The government has been pumping chemicals in the air to retard the terraforming. Using greenie (alien) tech they managesd to greatly increase the power, but not the mental stability of the AI. The AIs are actually psions that enter a heightened state of consciousness when their brains are fully mapped as computer machinery. The genetic animals are designed as shock troops that have a vulnerability to a given virus that is inert in humans. They could then be used to destroy any aliens on a planet, then killed in turn by seeding the atmosphere with the virus.

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