Down and out with Genetic Cats

We are sneaking through the brush near the swamp place. Suddenly, we hear a voice that says, “Do you have food?”

It is a large cat-like creature who spoke. It says it was sent to guard, but it is bored. It is colored in green. Philip Snodgrass gives it a candy bar. We discover it is named “Feline Recon 42.” It says that there are or were others like it. We learn that it has been out here two years. There is a line that when he tries to go past it, they send someone out to send him back.

We try to sneak past the line at the same time 42 crosses. We hide. After 15 minutes a hoverdrone shows up. The hoverdrone tells him to go back. It heads back after he leaves. We follow the drone on its return path. We circumvent or disable cameras on the way. About a mile from the center of the swap, we can see buildings through the trees. They are single story buildings. They are small buildings under the canopy of a very large tree. The buildings are built on pylons to make them level. They have windows that are force windows. There are suspended bridges between the buildings to allow passage. Peeking into the window, we see what appears to be a biology lab.

Phillip uses his alien gadget to neutralize the window and we climb in. It starts shortly after we come in. We see equipment and computer terminals in the room. Lab samples line shelves on one wall. When Dr. Nakamura looks out the window, he is spotted by someone at the site. We fire at him and drop him off the gangplank.

We rush through the buildings. Philip manages to cancel the alarm. We eventually take them all down. We search the buildings. There are four scientists. Two pods are for living quarters. One is a rec room/kitchen. One is a communications hub. Two are research pods.

Dr. Nakayama interrogates them and finds that they are doing research on microbes. Others are researching to create combat creatures like 42. The germs are intended as a control on the creatures to kill them off if they need to be controlled. Sample 5 is the one they are trying to get to be reacted to, but not 1-2 are human, 3-4 he’s not sure what they are.

We talk to 42 again. He says that he sees traffic to the north. Sometimes it was north by northeast He knows of four possible sites. We go to the center of the area. We find a building, a shuttle bay, there are a couple of guys who are doing maintenance on a fourth shuttle. We take the two mechanics out before they can react.

We find that this facility is shuttle repair. Dana can easily get into the shuttle controls. She finds all of the flight plans that are pre-programmed. We try to sneak up one of the two paths leading into the underbrush. The doctor is very very loud as sneaking around is not taught in medical school.

We see a man in a uniform with body armor. He announces on his radio, “Intruders!” and dives for cover.

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