Assault on Chasm Science

An idea begins to germinate on how to get into the compound – possibly saving BeeBee as well. Luc1f3r checks in on the geography of the area. The geo-location indicates the bottom of a steep chasm with heavy overgrowth. However, all surveys are except the initial planetary map are redacted.

Dr. Nakayama approaches Second Lieutenant Clarence, a career dead-ender, in charge of security. He makes some headway with the promise by letting Luc1f3r forging him seats and backstage passes to a upcoming rock concert. In exchange he gets information on various pet projects.

Edeline goes back to her bar and after straightening out the rumor that she is AWOL she is introduced to a shuttle pilot. Unfortunately she is just unable to get much information or access about the mysterious shuttle flights.


The chances of successfully getting in are grim. The personnel list is small enough that new people will be noticed. Instead we decide to replace BeeBee’s record with Edeline’s physical information. In addition Luc1f3r is added as a last minute patient with Dr. Nakayama as the attending physician.

As the shuttle comes in we can see dozens of mummified bodies near the facility, which has been cut into the cliff face near the bottom of the chasm. Dr. Nakayama notes that several of the bodies had suffered blunt force trauma before death.

Once inside the compound Dr. Nakayama gives both Luc1f3r and Edeline a stimulant patch to wake us up; although he is told by the staff doctor that the patients are no longer under his care. When they attempt to take away Luc1f3r’s drugs he goes all mad dog crazy on them. The sergeant attempts to sound the alarm, but Dr. Nakayama wrestles with him, eventually knocking him unconscious. Edeline breaks free of her constraints and with the doctor and Luc1f3r’s help manages to take down the two orderlies – clearing the space of any opposition.

We stash the orderlies and sergeant into the room that BeeBee was supposed to occupy and set up a drip to keep them knocked out. The psychotropic drug that BeeBee was supposed to get instead gets pocketed by Luc1f3r. Once that is finished Edeline leads us to the records room. Dr. Nakayama bamboozles his way past the clerk in the room and he allows Dr. Nakayama and Dr. Who (Edeline) to look at the records.

Luc1f3r is bored and so he wanders out of the room and finds his own terminal. He hacks through the system and finds that the sub-optimals that have been brought here were used for cyber-limb testing. The control code for the cyber-limbs has part of the code that was originally given to him by his patron. This code, when coupled with existing code, would allow an external signal to shut down all cyber-limbs.

As the Dr. Nakayama and Dr. Who continue to ask for more information the clerk gets nervous and sends a high-priority message to security. Unfortunately for the clerk the response comes to the terminal Luc1f3r, who is using his credentials. Luc1f3r trades barbs with the security eventually pissing him off enough that security tries to lock him out of the system – only to be totally spanked by Luc1f3r’s superior skill.

As klaxons blare Dr. Nakayama and Edeline find Luc1f3r, who has scrambled all of their data. Everyone heads towards the command center to find the last doctor. Before we can reach the last door a group of guards with plasma rifles level them and take out Edeline. Dr. Nakayama steps forward and tries to convince the guards that he was chasing this “escaped prisoner”. Luc1f3r sneaks off to the server room as he hears the doctor also talk about another prisoner.

Eventually Luc1f3r is discovered but before they can capture him his patron whisks him off to inner computer space.

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