The aftermath of excess

6-November 2015

On Friday Abe rolls out the new car that he has been working on. The problem last week was that the sensors were not up to scratch causing the car to move faster than the feedback loop could handle. All week I have worked on a new set of sensors and today is testing day. Slowly at first, but the new sensors are a Success! Abe has a prototype car that is able to navigate via completely using a helmet the driver wears. The car can navigate anywhere that is can sense autonomously. Mothership hovers over his shoulder and reminds him its time for human experimentation according to their pact. This time his familiar wants a young, unattached, human female.

After taking a break from his current art project Aaron has a message from Denise, his contact in the local art scene. He also has a message from a previous employer with a short term welding job. Denise was to meet him in person at a gallery called Telephores. He spends a few minutes photographing his latest work before leaving to meet her. After exchanging pleasantries concerning his latest works she says that she wanted to meet to discuss a problem. She has a rival that picked up a new protégé that is working in the realm of edible textiles. She wants Aaron to crush the rival by removing the protégé from the picture. Aaron is hesitant because the kid has some talent, but he agrees to see what he can do about the situation.

Lisa has five messages on her machine from someone named Sue. Lisa calls her back and the woman was to score some “stuff” for a party she is attending. Lisa suggests they meet at a pizza place called “Little Pete’s” on the west side. After lunch she meets up Solomon to break up with him, but he manages to weasel him way back into her good graces. He claims the woman is his sister. Eventually Lisa decides to give him another chance and will go to the Halloween party with him.

Lisa catches a bus to Little Pete’s to meet with Sue, a short woman who dresses like an 80s fashion model. Sue wants Lisa to hook her up with some drugs for Halloween – nothing too harsh, just something minor like X or MJ. She gives Sue a few ideas of what would work best and they come to a deal in the end. During the conversation she read Sue’s surface thoughts to ensure she was not a Cop or Snitch. Once outside Lisa calls up a few of her contacts looking to some small stuff.


Lisa gets the score for Sue and after passing it along she wandered towards some barrel bonfires near where she is staying. She is feeling the mood and the vibe of the people around her are festive. She begins to work her magic making the night a most wonderful experience for everyone on the block.

That evening Abe goes cruising through the Red Light district looking for a young unattached female. He finds three black women that agree to complete his tests. They bring along their “brother” to go with them. After an hour of questioning the girls the “brother” wants payment before proceeding to the physical tests. Abe goes up to the office to retrieve the money, but is poorly ambushed by the brother. Abe is shot, but tazes the man unconscious. Abe goes back downstairs and tells the girls they will get $4000 if they complete the experiment – or he can call the cops right now. Once the experiment is over he pushes the girls out he door with their money, they manage to retrieve their brother before he can call the cops. An ambulance arrives and takes him to Dearborn Medical Center, where the cops take a statement.

In the hospital the TV shows some of his favorite movies. Animal Farm, The Lathe of Heaven, The Man in Highcastle, and unfortunately The Crow. Interestingly there seems to be some changes to Animal Fame. Abe believes that he has become a goose and joins the movie. Except as the sun sets in the movie it splits into seven smaller red orbs – far dimmer than the original. As they reach the horizon small embers spark from the orbs – then the movie returns to its original run.

After The Crow a new nurse comes in to check on Abe. She seems a wizened and slightly heavy black woman that offers him a cookie. Smiling about The Matrix method, Abe offers to bend a spoon. As he concentrates on bending the spoon with only his mind things go very wrong. The room and his bed begin to melt as reality warps and melts around him. The response from the staff is very distracted, but no matter where they move him the room and everything in it begins to melt. Eventually reality begins to return to normal and Abe goes to sleep.

Aaron attempts to build a black stone to create a link to the stone that Amalia Winters has in her possession. Unfortunately the crafting of such a work is far more difficult that he imagines. This will take him a very long time, so instead he begins work on a wonder that will aid him in creating his great work. His work is distracted by nearly sirens. He turns on the news to discover that several fires have been started around Detroit as part of the Halloween tradition. The news talks it down, but what Aaron sees outside of his shop is far larger. He texts his friends to make sure they are okay.

7-November 2015

When Abe wakes up he is in a large ward with a bunch of people who barely survived the Devil’s Night in Detroit. He staggers his way down to the cafeteria and after getting a strong cup of tea. Everyone is not just tired, but bone exhausted and world-weary. He goes towards some employees and tries to cheer them up, but nothing seems to work. Frustrated he walks towards the public phone, hacks it, and calls Aaron. In his rambling he convinces him that this hospital needs music, bright happy people, and just a reason to see a brighter future.

Aaron calls Lisa, who eventually staggers her way to the bus and reaches the hospital. She finds the hospital reflects a cracked hyper-reality as if the spirit and will have even been pulled out of the employees. She begins to sing and work her way among the employees, lightly touching them and uplifting their spirits. A feeling of euphoria begins to spread from those that she touches to others. Eventually she makes her way downstairs where Abe is arguing with police officer about the need to return to his room. Lisa gets Abe to his room finally.

Abe suggests that Lisa projects her voice throughout the hospital and cheers everyone up at the same time. Although we spend nearly an hour trying but it simply is not enough to affect everyone. Eventually a young boy shows up and speaks with Lisa. She leaves with the boy who takes them up to the room and hallway that Abe melted when he was spoon-bending. The boy wants to take Abe into custody, but Lisa suggests it was simply the effect of the drugs that pushed him to something so reckless.

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