Reality Deviants pay the price

7-November 2015

The young boy, Adam asks Lisa to come to his office to discuss what has gone wrong. They step through an office door and appear inside of a “working” office with large vats and cauldrons against the wall. After some initial pleasantries the boy gets around to why he brought her here. Abe must be brought under control – he has wonderful ideas, but is way too chaotic to allowed to roam free. Shackling to an assembly line or outright death are the only options. They verbally spar on many philosophical topics, neither able to bring the other around to their side.

Lisa believes that something is affecting the people of this hospital. The boy believes that Abe is a danger to the structure of the world. In the end he is willing to give Abe a pass and forgot anything Lisa does for 48 hours if she will do a favor for him. He has an assignment that is best suited to a RD, Reality Deviant, and Lisa certainly qualifies. She will be working with Craig O’Keefe on a problem he is having with deviants in the city.

Lisa goes collects Abe, returns all of the machines that go bing, gives him a “pain pill” that Adam gave her. The go to the lobby and call Aaron for a ride home.

Aaron leaves his apartment and heads towards where the fire was last night. He sees that quite a bit of the area was devastated by the fire. Emergency vehicles are still heavy in the area, but without their lights or sirens. The fact that the local news feed is still calling this a minor series of fire simply does not jive with the damage he sees around him. He opens his sight but other that looters wandering around nothing really seems out of sort.

Aaron calls Denise as she seemed to know that things were going to be stranger than usual tonight. Her source for the information was Lilly Le Feur, a dealer in avant-garde art – specifically dark and tortured visages.

Aaron arrives and takes Abe home – where xxx is waiting for him. She tears Abe up and down that he was not home when his kids got here. He meekly goes inside, but brightens up when he can grab a bowl of cereal with his kids. He makes plans with his youngest son to go trick or treating tonight. He will be going as ED-209 and she will be a princess. He tries to get his other kids to open up, but in the end the best he can do is get them to agree to bring their friends over to his condo.

Aaron drops off Lisa at her place. Lisa calls us Craig to discuss the job. It turns out that Craig has worked with RDs before and asks Lisa to bring along as many of “her” people as possible. A group of Vampires in the city have gotten out of control and need to be stopped. Its the same group that shot up Abe’s car.

Lisa calls up Abe and tells him that they will be gathering at Palintar Engineering. Abe tells them that he has a bunch of 16s year old boys that are awesome at Call of Duty and would love to go vampire hunting. He has plenty of cool weapons and although Lisa tries to stop him – Abe, his kids, and their friends pile into Abe’s Forester and head to his business.

In a panic Lisa and Aaron try to get to Palintar before Abe. They arrive just as Craig pulls up in his “Van-O-Wonders.” He agrees they have to leave before Abe and the kids get here as the vampires would have a field day with the young blood. He has plenty of weapons and some explosives strong enough to burn the building down.

Several minutes after they leave – Abe and the kids arrive. Abe is able to triangulate Lisa’s cell phone and find their location – they are stopped near a long shuttered bank. He arms the kids with non-lethal weapons from a bin on not-yet-completed projects. They pile into the car and speed towards danger.

Craig, Lisa, and Aaron stop where they can see the bank – but not too close to be suspicious. Aaron and Lisa both open up their sight to examine the building from a distance. They find ten armed men on the second floor, five on the first floor (playing video games), and seven vampires in the final stages of feeding in the basement. The bank vault is a problem as the vampires could survive the blast and simply wait for the darkness.

Fearing the death toll should they simply rush in Lisa and Aaron try to work her magic to put the men on the second floor to sleep. Before she can complete her ritual Abe and a car full of armed teens arrive. He sides with Craig that they should hit the place fast and with overwhelming firepower. Craig gives everyone a black jumpsuit that should help protect them.

Craig goes to the back door with Lisa to draw their fire, while Aaron, Abe and the kids hit the front door. The buildings alarms and sprinkler system goes off as both teams hit their section with the plasma flamethrowers. Lisa tries her best to support Craig, while Aaron assists Abe.

In the front through a combination of fire and magic the corner of the building collapses down, exposing the men inside to Abe’s fire. Lisa summons Sparky, her fire spirit, and convinces it to help burn down the building – which it eagerly agrees to do. Aaron works a bit a magic and combined with the the work of Craig and Lisa tears down the back corner of the building.

When the building finally collapses Abe and Craig burn their way into the vault and from there into the basement. When the hole opens up, Aaron drops down and kills the vampires with his sword. Craig takes back all of his toys and leaves us. Abe leaves with the boys and his kids so that he can go trick-or-treating.


Abe goes trick-or-treating with his youngest son.

Lisa goes to the Halloween party with Soloman Wiseman. He is dressed in a full devil costume with light up devil horns.

Aaron gets a message from Reginald, a schoolboy friend of his, he returns his call but gets the answering machine. Once he hangs up there is a loud bang on his window. He finds an owl that drops a message. The letter is addressed to Mr. Harry Potter, Cupboard Under the Stairs, 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey.

8-November 2015

Lisa and Solomon party all night, partaking of many different substances. In the morning he rolls over to look Lisa in the eyes. He says,”Never pay the reaper with love only” and stops breathing. She tries to resuscitate him, but ends up calling an ambulance.

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