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3-November 2015

Lisa Wayne gets off the bus and sees Don Simmons standing with two other people. They are gathering together to cast a spell to locate a princess. Four others join them at a coffee shop – Mom, Charlotte, Bill, and Reggie. They spend a few hours circling a tree – dancing and playing music. This leads them eventually to the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame where a full-on jam session. The spell works and it turns out the nearest princess is in fact Abhishek Kaushik’s youngest son.

Once the princess is determined they summon Tallow Pall. He appears as a spirit with a top hat and monocle. She exchanges the information about the princess for help in obtaining a node. Tallow is unimpressed by her attempt to negotiate with him and refuses to help her. He is not willing to bargain, thus she does not give him the name of the princess. Dejected she returns to Detroit.

Studying the obelisk Aaron notes that much of the text written on it is purely decorative. It appears as much art as any hidden spell or meaning. He then runs the text of the mission statement through a computer program looking for plagiarism. It also seems to be nothing more than a mish-mash of countless other corporate mission statements. This turns out to be the mission statement of CERD.

Abe gives all of his workers a day off with pay so that he can have the entirety of Palintar Engineering to himself. He retreats into his sanctum and spends time in his library. The Men-In-Black man-handled his pretty easily and he did not want to be pushed around so much the next time they meet. A pair of goggles that would give him more information. There is never enough information and the one with the most information wins. He does not go home that night; however he does get a text from Gabriel telling him that his node is also diminished – that information goes on the smart-board – information is everything.

4-November 2015

Aaron visits his node in the morning and finds no tass among the piles. Like the other nodes in the area his is also diminished. When he tries to leave his node he finds he can only walk in a straight line and can only make 90-degree turns. Even when he returns to his node the problem remains. He tries to solve this problem, but meets with no success. Instead he makes a chalk drawing of Detroit’s Skyline and its pretty good. He cannot drive or take the bus as his body forces him into right angles only – so he has a long and difficult walk home.

When Abe’s employees arrive in the morning they discover that he is still there. They convince him to go home. He sleeps for eight hours then returns to work to catch up on the paperwork that has begun to pile up. He messages Aaron and Lisa about dinner tonight, both back out.

Lisa arrives in Detroit and goes home for some much needed sleep. She agrees to meet Abe for dinner. With much of the afternoon remaining she decides to find more of the smaller obelisks in Detroit and tear them apart. She begins to dance around one and nearly has it torn apart when a police cruiser rolls by – then turns around and flips his lights on.

The cop gets out and asks for ID, when she reaches for it he draws his weapon and commands her to the ground. He rifles through her pockets returning with all manner of drugs and oddities. She manages to use a bit-o-magic to dissuade him from taking her in. After she finishes destroying apart the obelisk she gets a call from her band – they have a gig at the Shadowcat Club and want her in. The gig is pretty pumped, but for Lisa its just not best night. She tried to convince Solomon Wiseman to join her, but he gives her the brush-off.

As Abe is heading to bed a envelope slides into the room from under his closet door. Its a blank paper with only “Hello” written on it. He responds with a humorous “I am Tom Riddle”. It turns out the writer on the other side claims to be him.He admonishes Abe for being so flippant and making jokes when he should be advancing his craft. They discuss the blends of curry – one-way vs not closing doors – purpose vs discovery. Its an interesting discussion and Abe tucks the paper into journal for future reference.

Aaron spends the evening working in his apartment to be better prepared in the future. He practices his high magic to prepare some inks and papers that could be used to turn the inner lining of his jacket to Kevlar, but the most important of his work is personalizing his sword to be more in-tune with himself – a consecration. This starts in the evening and continues into Thursday morning.

5-November 2015

In the morning Lisa finds another obelisk in an effort to tear it apart, but things go horribly wrong. She has to leave the area as things begin to feel strange and unwelcoming. She returns home and begins to cook up a few new special batches of drugs. She was able to run away from the MiB, but this time she wants to go on the offensive.

Abe wakes up renewed and with a better sense of purpose. He sits down at the computer and compiles a list of all the known locations of the obelisks cross-referencing that with the time when they were built. There are two near Abe and Gabriel’s node that seem to stand out as causing problems. Using Gabriel’s node as a baseline when he reaches his node Abe breaks out the equipment. In short order he destroys it and collects a great deal of data on exactly how it works. Since he is near his shoe tree he stops by and collects some tass (Ruby glass slipper) and meditate. Most interestingly his research shows where a new node might be forming.

When he puts his research on the smart-board – he notices that Lisa has not posted anything from what she did, so he calls her up. She invites his over to help her fix a computer problem. Once there she gets a call on her cell phone – which is impossible as Abe removed the SIM card. The conversation causes her some distress, but she does not want to talk about it. Abe does fix her computer a bit and then packs her into the car and drives to Aaron’s house.

Aaron looks over Abe’s research and while he agrees with the basics of his ides for destroys the obelisks his notes about patterns is completely wrong. To help he pulls out a map of Detroit and puts blobs of wax around the edges. He leads Abe and Lisa in a high ritual to uncover the pattern. After several hours – and a couple of pizzas – the map is very illuminating.

Nodes within the city appear as green blobs with blue lines extending between them as ley lines. The orange wax was drawn to each of the obelisks with red wax drawing lines between them. The most interesting was the yellow wax, it shows a strengthening along the red lines and far less among the blue lines. Once all of the colors can be visualized the truth is known. The ley lines are being twisted and forced to follow the patterns of the city – they are forced into the same pattern as roads, power cables, and water/sewage drains. Order from the organic pattern.

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