Prophecy and Despair as Christmas beckons

Sunday 1-November

Lisa watches the ambulance pull away with Solomon things begin to shift, colors fade and run, and she finds herself staring in the mirror in her sexy vampire outfit. The clock on the way tells her that it is time to go meet Solomon for the party.

She meets him at the appointed time and place, as it was in her vision. He still appears high under the influence of X. As he pushes for more and something harder she deflects him to dancing and beer. The night progresses pretty much the same as the vision, except Solomon is not a bit more focused and less wired with Lisa controlling his intake.

The next morning there is no prophetic statement – nor any ambulance. Solomon goes out for bagels and when he doesn’t come back she goes in search. She finds a crashed bus with a police cruiser. Fearing the worst, she runs over and finds out that it was only a dog that the bus hit. Solomon was actually a witness and gave a statement before leaving. She does find him eventually on a park bench, nearly chilled to his death.

After she gets him back and tucked into a warm bed. He is still shocked that it not for the dog, who was actually hit by the bus, he would have been killed. The dog distracted him and stopped him from stepping in front of the bus. Lisa sings him to a calming sleep, with a little pharmaceutical help as well. She calls up Aaron for help.

Aaron had a fun time at the party. He is hit upon by some jail bait dressed as Ginny Wesley to his Siltheran. Knowing that she is simply slumming and looking for a cheap hook-up he wishes her well and enjoys the rest of the party. It is a good if uneventful night.

When Lisa calls Aaron he listens to her concerns about her vision and what happened to Solomon. He is not really well-tuned into the world of dreams and visions and can only offer light fortune-cookie advice, but he will help her research it.

In the morning Abe is giddy as a school-boy. The end of Halloween not only signals not only gorging of candy, but the start of the Christmas season. His kids are less than impressed, except RJ, who helps his dad put up multiple LED monitors and custom lights. This year RJ wants a Star Wars display to ring in the Force Awakens movie. Stormtrooper Santa it is this year.

Abe remembers a abandoned car just down the block so him and RJ walk over there. Abe gets into a conversation with several kids hanging out nearby. He brightly engages one of them about school, honest work, and the hope for a better tomorrow. He does find out about the cars the vampires own, but unfortunately he fails to instill hope into the young men.

On a spur of hope he tries to drive his kids to see the Christmas displays. The people moving around drive his distraction. Instead of moving with purpose and direction, they seemed to filled with simply a chaotic need to move, but with no intention. He turns his car and kids cell phones into a large experiment to show the kids a pattern in the chaos. Unfortunately no such pattern exists and it baffles him completely.

When he gets home he grabs us his kids and plans to take them to work. He needs to build a semi-functional TIE Fighter for Christmas. On the way to Palintar Engineering he drives by the library that burned down. People are outside building a large monument made from broken construction materials and other detritus. He flags down a man and asks him about it. Where people build monuments a company called CERD buys them out. The people here have lost hope – they don’t imagine a brighter future for Detroit.

The scene is repeated outside several other buildings – each one constructing a monument to let CERD know they want the money and the freedom to leave for something they believe is better. This darkens Abe’s mood, so he drops his kids off with his ex-wife, who simply scowls at him. He drives to his sanctum and drives himself to work something to counter CERD – to bring hope to the city. However, no matter what he does he can make anything he needs, but he cannot push people up – they are simply to chaotic. His lab is bathed in a golden cloud of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Aaron goes to his library to help research visions. Unfortunately he has very little on the subject as it tends to be the base of the Cult of Ecstasy – the Seers of Chronos. It does note that in their visions they can no only change the future based upon knowledge, but sometimes even with the dream.

Solomon finally begins to warm up and slowly sits up. Lisa looks as his aura and sees that there are two thoughts warring for his life – like he is of two minds and confused. He gets to leave, but she wants to talk to him. He is scared of change happening so quickly and wants to go back to the way he was before what happened.

She grabs his head in her hands and stares into his eyes. She takes both parts of his split mind and push them together, working to align his thoughts while planting a kernel of hope into his spirit. He stumbles out of her house, confused, slow, and not sure what just happened.

Dejected, Lisa goes to Dearborn Medical Center to see if things are still so dark and gloomy over there. She is heartened to see that things may be a bit odd around the area where Abe melted the walls, but the pattern of healing and hope have begun to assert itself.

Aaron calls up Reginald and they joke about old times. He tells them that a reunion is coming up and Professor Sarkin, a more liberal minded profession will be retiring. The reunion will be held in March and wanted to make sure that Aaron will attend. Aaron is a round-peg in a square hole world, but that is what makes things interesting.

Monday 2-November

In the morning Aaron spends several hours on his art. In the afternoon he visits the historical society to find out more information about the propeller that he found at the junkyard. Given its dimensions it would have to have been from a large ship rather than an airplane, but he cannot find any reference.

Abe finally leaves his sanctum

Lisa wanders over to Monument Park to examine Bernard Troop’s monument to see if it exists in the spirit world. She sees a cross-roads on the other side and spirits circulating around. She speaks to one of the spirits who says that he felt drawn to the obelisk and feels the need to guard it – it feels good.

She opens herself deeper and follows one of the paths which leads to one of the obelisks built by the citizens of Detroit. Each of these smaller obelisks feed energy into the larger one in the center – like electricity into a battery. Following that thought we attempt to experiment on them.

Working together we dismantle the obelisk that Abe watched them build this morning. With enough effort we separate it from the central node, there is an immediate feeling in the nearby area of hope – or at least less despair. To ensure that our effort is repeatable we try to dismantle one that has been around for several days. This one is more difficult but we manage to tear it apart after nearly an hour.

Tired we head back towards Bernard’s central monument to see if anything has changed. As we drive by several black SUVs pull in behind us and begin to accelerate. Stomping it to the floor we flee and they pursue.

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