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Aaron is grabbed by his fraternity brothers of DAK (Delta-Alpha-Kappa) for pledge week at Hillman, which is where he was when everyone was trying to reach him over the weekend. On the plus side Hillman won their homecoming game so by the time Aaron returns to Detroit he remembers the weekend only in snippets. What he does remember is a man burning at the stake and waves of reality warping power pulsing from his body.

1-November 2015

Abe is driving to work Monday morning when he passes the house where the attack took place. Construction crews are already rebuilding the building, which is unusual given the state of the rest the neighborhood. He sees a young man, looking quite out of place, examining things. He pulls a U-turn and parks next to the man’s van. Abe jumps out and greets the man, who is an investigator.

In the span of a rapid-fire conversation about anything and everything in the area Abe finds out that Craig O’Keefe is a mage as well. He is with a group called the Neutralization Specialist Corp. The only thing that Abe gets out of him is that it has something to do with vampires and the hit-n-run accident might have involved vampires as well. He also has a really cool van, which Abe names the “Van-O-Wonders” that he will not allow anyone into. They¬†exchange business cards and he mentions that he sort of works in the same circles as Bernie. The conversation gets a bit awkward after that, but Abe puts a cheery face on things and we wave to each other as Abe leaves to go to work.

2-November 2015

That night Lisa and Aaron met up at Abe’s house for supper. After some fun and relaxing small talk between friends everyone settles in and talks about the weekend. Abe tells his friends about him being involved in a vampire hit and run – there are bullet holes in his car. He also shows them pictures of Craig and his Van-O-Wonders, his business card, and dozens of other photos that he takes during the day. The strange thing is that none of them can see the book from his back seat. This conversation leads to them borrowing his car for a spin.

Lisa and Aaron are driving around in the Tesla when they happen to drive by a building fire – it is a library. It seems a very strange coincidence that Abe was rattling on about a library book during the dinner. After checking with Abe they confirm that this is the same library. Strange things are definitely happening, so after checking that nobody is trapped in the building they look to see if this fire is more than natural. Unfortunately Aaron has some difficulties and by the time the fire department arrives things are all twisted up and not right.

When they returned the discussion of the book and the library pick up. Abe is determined to show them the book and goes out to his car. When he does not come back Aaron finds him standing slack-jawed in front of his car. Lisa determines that his mind has been pulled elsewhere. She sends her mind forward, pulling Aaron in her wake in search of where Abe has gone.

Abe finds himself in a darkened library. The books are all backwards on the shelf and the words so jumbled up he cannot read them. He tries to search for the book, which leads him eventually to the card catalog. He is fiddling with the catalog trying to open when Lisa and Aaron arrive. Lisa can read the books and with her help he eventually locates the book, which is both backwards and upside down. Aaron suggests looking at in a mirror, which turns the mirror into a doorway that Abe opens to transport everyone back home. All-in-all it was a normal Tuesday dinner at Abe’s house.

3-November 2015

Aaron tries to look up information about spirits and how they travel from place to place. He spends hours in the library and discovers that they travel through the Umbra along large bridges of moonlight. They can move freely from place to place at their whim as their nature. He spends the rest of the afternoon in the junkyard pulling Quintessence.

Abe spends a productive day at work – which is the strangest thing of all.

Lisa calls up Don to discuss their “marriage” and finds out that it was pretty much a just “announce before these friends” and no official paperwork exists. Don does diss on her current beau, Solomon, as a boring banker type. Turns out that he is correct, when Lisa calls up Solomon he is too busy to talk right now but promises to call later. She spends the day at the Shoe Tree pulling Quintessence.

Solomon does finally call back and arranges for them to attend a Halloween party and meet up for a lunch-n-learn on Friday.

4-November 2015

Abe takes his coffee-making-umbrella outside for some field tests – it is completely solar-powered and can brew a very strong cup of coffee. On his way out he stops by his Shoe Tree, but cannot pull any Quintessence from it.

Aaron pulls Quintessence while working on some art projects. This ends up turning into an all-day project.

Lisa gets a costume in the morning and in the afternoon goes to the Sunbank where Solomon works. She tails him when he leaves for lunch at a nearby coffee shop. He meets a woman with too kids and has lunch with them. He appears very close to her – could be his wife. He returns to his bank and Lisa watches but he never leaves so there must be an underground parking garage.

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