The Modern Village People

With Viola fully embracing her fetch nature and standing over Camille tied to a chair screaming hysterically – Lucas draws forth his magic and prepares to strike his one-time ally down. While Hack may back Lucas’ play he knows his is poorly matched against the fetch, Leo’s plans are as always unknown to even himself. Viola spins, ready to strike, but she manages to get wrestle her unseelie nature down and regain control. Before Lucas can strike she reverts to her human-looking form.

Viola reminds Lucas how many times she has put her own life on the line to save his and those he has vowed to protect – even going so far as to shield his body. Lucas agrees that her words are true, but while he can never trust the sidhe he knows that he needs to get his sister medical attention. This room has heavy blood-stained sheets hung from the walls topped by nearly two dozen mis-matched mirrors. A tripod sits in one corner, but the camera has been removed.

Before they can leave, Hack hears the footsteps of many men above. Viola glamors herself to look like a construction worker to take a look around. As she nears the top of the stairs the air suddenly drops in temperature as a gravelly voice intones “Daughter”. Speed over stealth seems to be the pressing concerning as Viola leads the way upstairs to the backstage rooms.

Upstairs are four workmen carrying shotguns, they are not fooled by Viola’s glamor and open fire as she enters the room. Viola, Hack, and Leo battle the men backstage while Lucas calms his sister. This is hampered by a rattling of everything not nailed down as a thick oily smoke encasing slivery blades leaves the torture room and beings to slowly move upstairs. Lucas summons up a spiritual barrier to keep the creature at bay, but it flows through it as those it is not there. It continues to wail for its daughter.

Eventually the gunmen are knocked unconscious, but not before Hack sees a possessing spirit forced from the workmen’s bodies. Although the apparition tries to posses Hack it fails and dissipates. When they reach Hack’s cab they notice the visage of Viola is nothing but a glamour and she is still back inside the theater. Hack puts Camille into his cab and says he knows someone that will admit her into the hospital without questions. Lucas, with Leo following slowly behind him, rushes back to the theater but he doors are sealed tight. Lights flash in the windows as a cold air swirls about the building. Leo tells Lucas not to bother as Winter is making its sales pitch to join their side.

Inside the theater, the walls and supports are beginning to crack and moan from the extreme cold. The spirit eventually traps her just outside of the mass changing area. A mirror spits out of the body and her father, the king of all the Fetch, arrives. He works to convince her that his ways are the best knowing that the Queen wants her in the battle. Viola sends her father back to see if Mab is willing negotiate. She wants protection from Maeve should she join Mab. Viola gets out of the building just before it is going to collapse.

Lucas, Viola, and Leo make their way to the hospital. Lucas cannot talk to his sister as she is currently kept heavily sedated. The doctor Hack contacted is clearly not happy with the situation. This violent of an assault needs to be reported immediately, but he can give them a few hours before filing the paperwork. He follows their advice and covers up the mirrors in the room. Outside around a coffee and tea kiosk they discuss their plans. Time is running out before Kirovak will come calling and they are running short on leads. The best one they have is the brownfield reclamation site in the Remington neighborhood.

Lower Remington

The site in the picture is just off the freeway in Lower Remington. Currently a Cervant Trucking depot sits on the sight; although they are clearly expanding to the east. Several other small industries are clustered along the feeder road and less than a mile away is a scattering of townhouses along curvy streets. It is a place of character and dwindling prospects. Hack parks his cab and with the help of Viola’s veil they walk through a flood plain to reach the chain link fence surrounding both the trucking company and construction site.

Lucas opens his sight and looks around. There is a great deal of ghosts wandering around the grounds. They seem to have been brought here by the presence of three distinct, but weak, ley lines converging on this area. Specifically they are converging on a location in the adjacent construction zone. Using the thread that Darmoria used to sew up Viola Lucas uncovers that he has been watching and listening to her through it – and that it terminates where the ley lines meet. The first revelation is disturbing, but the second could save their lives.

Viola glamours them to appear as construction workers as Leo freezes the metal fence until it shatters. Unfortunately it does not fool anyone and when they see several workers heading towards them Leo and Lucas work together to cause the onsite diesel refueling station to explode. While construction works are busy moving their equipment to the far side of the site away from the fire everyone heads to the new concrete foundation where the ley lines meet.

Viola begins to tear up the concrete with her flaws as Lucas summons up fire to create a wall around them. Most of the workers flee from the site of the fire, but a foreman and two office workers try to jump through it – only one gets through while the others are pushed back by the heat. The eyes of the one that gets through are bright silver, revealing himself to be a White Court Vampire. Viola, Lucas, and Leo are hard-pressed when his two companions also run through the fire to reach them. Hack runs towards the construction equipment hoping to uncover the “cage” and free Darmoria.

The diesel fire rages out of control, with the every thickening smoke covering much of the fight from any onlookers. Creating even more confusion is Hack, who managed to get a backhoe with a bucket into the new foundation. In the chaos of the smoke, swinging bucket arm, and chunks of concrete being flung about – Lucas, Leo, and two of the vampires are down. Just as Hack finally breaks through the concrete revealing that the cage is a over-sized coffin Viola is forced to draw deeply upon her fetch heritage as she squares off against the remaining vampire.

The vampire is hard-pressed by Viola, but manages to give as good as he gets. It appears he might be winning the fight when Hack backs the backhoe over him. Injured, but not down, Viola helps hack chain up the coffin to the backhoe and get both Lucas and Leo into the cab. The backhoe is not the fastest getaway, but they run over the fence and leave the trucking depot as the fire department arrive.


After leaving the backhoe behind Lucas and Leo recover enough to move under their own power. With Viola handling the heavy lifting they find a spot in a nearby copse of trees affording them some privacy. Hack returns to his cab to move it closer only to find it has been stripped and gang marked by the Jaguars. He does get back in time to watch Lucas preform the ritual to dismantle the ward that would destroy anything inside if the coffin is opened. It is a difficult task and Hack would have learned much, but he is distracted by the shadowy shape of a puppeteer standing behind Lucas seemingly controlling his every move. Nobody else sees the puppeteer and when Hack looks again it is gone – only a ring of foot-high mushrooms around the area remains.

Upon opening the box they do not find Darmoria or at least not what they expected to find. Inside is a 60 year old white male dressed in a late 60s business suit. Using the thread from Viola they determine that this man is Darmoria only that he has been stripped of his mantle as Spymaster of the Winter Court; along with the secret that everyone wants to control. Kirovak may or may not find this acceptable but time has run out.

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