Wendigo battle for Supremacy

We are escorted back to our guest house where Icefang is waiting for us. He takes us to a sweat lodge where we are directed to smoke a pipe and confront our test. As we begin to succumb to the effects the door is locked and we pass out. The glyphs and pictorials decorated on the walls of the lodge begin to twist and turn – separating themselves from the wall and surrounding us. We enter the Umbra.

Spiritual Test

Khaalida wakes in a forest with colors so sharp and defined that it hurts. A harsh and shifting wind blows from all directions. The sound of a scream drives her to the north. Along the way a small spirit squirrel follows her. It questions her about where she really is going – but more importantly what she is running from – what she always has run from her entire life.

Jeremy finds himself in the Umbra best described as an old office environment. He is woken up by a loud ringing phone and his boss screaming at him. He shakes off his confusion and begins to do his work. Dave, his co-worker, asks him to take some paperwork to marketing downstairs. Along the way he overhears a conversation about bringing in an exterminator for all of the roaches.

Below-All-Others finds himself in a forest near a road with a gentle breeze moving through. His mom pulls up on a bike and offers him a ride. He accepts at first, but in time he believes that she is leading him the wrong direction. He wants to search for his pack and the sound of a howl causes him to run off in that direction.

Rionach awakes in the hole that she was born in years ago. Standing near her is Lucky, drinking from a flask. He offers her a drink, which she refuses. She has lost trust in Lucky after he left the pack with no word. Lucky’s accent becomes much darker as he changes into a troll. The troll is not wyrm-tainted and introduces himself as the watcher.

Margaret wandered into the Wendigo camp several days ago and was befriended by Amy. She finds Amy having a conversation with a heavily scarred metis. She stares down the metis, but Icefang steps up behind her and tells her that she is confined to quarters. After a few hours Amy appears and helps her step sideways into the Umbra. She comes out in a clearing just as the members of the pack of Many Moons appear.

At the edge of the clearing are three statues; although the middle one lies broken. The statues of Uktena and Wendigo are plain to see, which means the middle statue must be that of Croatan. The statue of Wendigo beings to move and attacks us. While the rest of us charge the statue, Jeremy moves around behind it and accesses they type of spirit. He notices that each wound we deal begins to heal very quickly; however when those wounds cross they take far longer to heal. With Jeremy’s help Khaalida strikes hard and destroys the statue.

Promises to Keep

Amy congratulates us on passing the test and takes us back into the real world.  Outside of the sweat lodge we are meant by Amy, Icefang, Tiny, Snake-eyes, and Grandmother Oak. Icefang tries to challenge the outcome, but Snake-eyes points out that we passed the test. Khaalida and Icefang both storm off in different directions. Amy tells us that we need to secure the support of the elders.

Below-All-Others reaches out to Margaret for help. She is very hostile and dismissive that a metis would dare talk to her. She was driven here by a dream that appears to have been sent by Celene concerning the plight of her tribe. She agrees to help the Pack of Many Moons in this endeavor.

The pack, minus Khaalida, and Margaret go to speak with Snake-eyes. Snake-eyes is clearly very wealthy as he runs the tribe’s casinos. He offers his advice and is willing to help us if Below-All-Others would help bind some spirits of misfortune to his casino. Below-All-Others agrees to his conditions. Snake-eyes strongly implies that if Amy were in control of the tribe they would find it far easier to get the tribe’s acceptance. Below-All-Others goes with Snake-eyes to the casino.

Rionach and Margaret go into town to get the copy of the fetish from the Native-American carver. Inside the store they find the shopkeeper, Amy’s dad, on the floor with four men in paramilitary outfits standing over him. The fight is brief and quite violent with the three of the four men torn apart, while the fourth is kept alive. Upon interrogation they discover that Roland had sent these men to the north to hunt down any survivors from the caern. After paying the craftsman for the wood carving they take the surviving gunman into the woods.

Jeremy goes to the house of the old man that has the fetish. There is a motorcycle outside that was not there the previous time. Inside Jeremy finds a man dressed in very well biker leathers discussing buying everything inside the house for a rather large sum of money. The man, introduced as Roland, verbally fences with Jeremy immediately, nearly forgetting the old man. When Jeremy finally convinces the new comer he has been beat and has no chance to gain the fetish he leaves without any violence. The old man, finally convinced that the fetish has been too problematic, sells it to Jeremy.

Khaalida is wandering through the forest on the hunt for Squirrel. In time the spirit finds her. She tells the spirit how wrong it was РWendigo was defeated by strength. The spirit laughs are her naiveté and asks about the spirit that follows her. She sees no spirit, but when she turns Squirrel disappears. There is a spirit behind her Рit is Rick, a male garou from her previous pack. He is angry that she still lives when the rest of the pack died. She cannot remember what happened and the spirit leaves. Madness strikes Khaalida, causing her to run through the forest only covered animal urine and feces looking for Squirrel.

Once back at the tribal lands the prisoner begins to tell everyone about Roland. He was dishonorably discharged from the US military due to circumstances that resulted in the death of a fellow solider. He then created a motorcycle gang, eventually working as hired muscle for the pastor and his racist church. When that fell apart the gang were approached by a man who worked for the oil company, along with a very attractive woman and his “friend”, to act as muscle not connected to the company. They were sent here to acquire the fetish by any means necessary.

Before the large meeting Jeremy, Below-All-Others, Rionach, and Margaret speak with Grandmother Oak, who is caring for the children. She tells them that Icefang has made an agreement with the Red Talons to retake the caren for their own purposes. She will support the vote to help our pack retake the Crystal Heart caern. She further tells us that Amy is Iceheart’s niece whom he blames for the death of his wife.

The Templars Attack

The sounds of the winds moving through the totems summons us to the meeting, even Khaalida manages to make her wait to the circle. There is a great deal of shouting and as the circle breaks up, Amy and Icefang enter the woods. Before they return the sounds of motorcycles reverberate through the woods. The smell of gasoline wafts heavily on the wind. Knowing the danger, Below-All-Others takes our pack and Margaret into the Umbra. Khaalida outlines the battle plan and takes the pack into battle.

While Below-All-Others summons forth the spirits of rain, the rest of us attack a line of four gangers with AK-47s led by Roland. In addition to their guns, the gang has been outfitted with silver knives; however most surprisingly Roland is not human as he has claws and leaks oil.

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