Crystal Heart Caern is lost

We are told by Khaalida’s grandfather that a pocket of the surviving Yule family have holed up at an abandoned gas station. They killed three cops along the way so it is only a matter of time before the federal agents close in on them. Before that can happen we set out to finish our business with the Yules.

When we reach the gas station there are three rundown RVs parked outside. Rionach scouts forward and discovers three Yules inside of the main office along with some formori creatures called Freakfeet. Our battle plan is that Khaalida and Jeremy will sneak around so they are upwind of the station, while Rionach and Below-All-Others approach the RVs from downwind.

As planned the Freakfeet catch the scent of Khaalida and Jeremy and come charging out of back of the building. When that happens Rionach and Below-All-Others sneak forward and slash the tires of the RVs. Behind the station seven Freakfeet are battling Jeremy and Khaalida. Although both of them are mauled in the fight, only one of the Freakfeet are still alive when Rionach rounds the corner. As the remaining Freakfeet attempts to flee Rionach gives chase and brings it down, killing it.

As we make our way out the front of the gas station we see the Yules face first on the ground bleeding out. A man armed with a heavy rifle steps out from behind the RV and shoots Below-All-Others. The battle is confusing and violent as the human is a very skilled huntsman and wearing body armor. When we finally kill him RVs have been tipped over and are on fire.

The Caern is Attacked

The sound of a whippoorwill alerts us to the danger – Black Spiral Dancers are on the move towards the caern. We race towards our truck, but find the tires have been slashed. Below-All-Others takes us into the Umbra and we beseech Celene for a moonbridge to the caern. When we reach the Caern in the Umbra we find it under attack by a large smoggy cloud, the bodies of unicorns litter the ground. Bestial shapes form out of the smog nipping at the heels of Celene as she defends the caern. She tells us that we must destroy the bridges and close the caern.

We travel to the the mortal world and find the caern in even worse shape. Black Spiral Dancers, formori, and Pentax First Team hit squads are running wild through the caern – killing everyone in sight. Chris, a Ragabash who has befriended Khaalida, comes staggering around a building. He tells us that Redeye has been killed and Tim helped the Black Spiral Dancers ambush their patrols.

Below-All-Others tells the rest of us that only Hoshi has the strength to close down the caern. While we are searching for her, three skrags attack us. Below-All-Others and Rionach continue on leaving Khaalida and Jeremy to battle them. A spirit appears before Below-All-Others and tells him that he will lead them to Hoshi, but Below-All-Others

Below-All-Others and Rionach find Hoshi, and together with her, travel into the Umbra to close the gate. They encounter a stitched up man casting a large ritual. Rionach charges the ritualist and tears him apart while Hoshi and Below-All-Others begin to seal off the caern. Just before all of the bridges are sealed off, Celene pulls our pack to a space between places – on a moon bridge with darkness and stars all around. Celene’s bark drives back the formori, but the bridge shatters and we all fall into the darkness.

Allies to Gather

Jeremy is the first to awaken. We find ourselves atop a mound of broken toys and discarded technology – a giant junk yard. This is the land of the Weaver’s lost children. The King of the Land of Forgotten Toys and Discarded Technology. The land of unwoven webs where the old technology of the world gathers dust. The King is willing to assist us in exchange for our promise to repair and venerate lost technology. His help in this case is a door to where a powerful spirit resides that could help us.

The doorway leads us to the foot of a great mountain. Two ravens are circling over head taunting us to turn back or risk our own destruction. This is the spirit realm of the Grandfather of Thunder, who resides at the top of the Mountain of Pain. Below-All-Others implores the ravens to carry our words to Grandfather, but they simply laugh and tell us only if we climb to the top.

Lightning and Pain flash through our bodies as we slowly climb the mountain. In the end only Jeremy and Khaalida reach the top. Jeremy convinces Grandfather of Thunder to aid our cause, but he will not command his children to aid us – instead he gives Jeremy a black Onyx Rock to show that we carry his favor in this matter. The onyx will also allow us to call him once to aid us.

Wendigo Camp

We implore Celene to open a moon bridge to a Wendigo tribe that lives north of the Crystal Heart caern. We enter the real world and are met by a circle of warriors lead by Icefang. He threatens to kill us until a attractive Native-American woman in modern clothing steps forward. She is willing to act as the guarantor of our good behavior, which stops Icefang from outright abandoning us. He agrees to let the spirits decide our fate.

Inside the camp we discover Chris, a Ragabash from Crystal Heart caern, has also made his way north. He is gravely injured, but can tell us what happened. The camp was attacked by Pentax assault teams supported by Black Spiral dancers and members of the motorcycle gang known as the Templars led by Roland. Khaalida’s grandfather was captured, but everyone else we knew was either killed. Chris cannot even say what terrible things happened to Red-eye’s granddaughter.

With this new information we are pressed even harder to get the Wendigo to support us. Icefang is clearly a lost cause, but Amy says there may be a way to gain the support of the tribe. There is an old man in town that has a powerful fetish that he refuses to give to the tribe. He claims that the object was given to him by his grandfather and he refuses to part with it.

We visit the man’s house and discover the true stench of a hoarder. His house is littered with all manner of broken things from decades of past. It does not take too long to discover the carving, but the man refuses to either sell or give it to us. Khaalida is so disgusted she leaves the house. While Jeremy and Rionach try to convince the man to part with the Native-American artifact, Below-All-Others looks into the Umbra. On the other side a powerful junk spirit has gathered and is slowly driving the man insane. If he does not get rid of the junk in his house he will be driven insane.

We leave the house and return to tribe.

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