The Universal Constant – Explodes

Springfield College, normally shown up by State U up the road, but today the campus is buzzing with news that Professor Brainard will be coming here instead to discuss his new work on the Universe Constant. Science Tuesday was supposed to involve Ashi Herashozi, a cyberman from Technodyne Industries – but that has been cancelled. The University has tasked Professor Phogstillion to breaking the news that he has been cancelled. Ashi does not take it very well, but he agrees to stay around at least for the buffet.

Alison Waldegrade is a visiting doctoral student who is less impressed with Professor Brainard and so she is floored by this invite. She goes to the college library to research this scientist. She discovers that most of his previous work has been quickly debunked until a few years ago when he he suddenly began producing amazing results.

James Morgan, butler of the Waldegrade house, gets a call from his previous employer (MI-5). They inform him that Professor Brainard is very suspicious and they would like him to ask around why his talk was cancelled at State U. Mr. Morgan travels to State U and speaks to the department head and finds out that it is possible the technology was stolen – he got an anonymous letter. The Professor was so insulted that he refused to show his new machine and instead went to Springfield College. After the department head leaves Mr. Morgan gets into his office and spies a quick peak at the letter, but is interrupted before he can read it fully.

Springfield College

Ashi wants to see who has displaced him and Professor Phog loves this idea, so they go to the loading docks where Professor Brainard’s truck is unloading. Grabbing some of his boxes they proceed inside. Both of them notice that the Brainard is having difficulty deciding where things go exactly. While Ashi is talking to Brainard about the equipment, Phog gets a bit curious and begins pushing buttons, which gets him kicked out of the auditorium. He does not take this lightly and “sneaks” into the upper balcony. Ashi notices him and yells to him about lunch, which infuriates Brainard so that he tells them both to leave.

Phog goes into the basement, rather than leave, and messes with the power coming into the auditorium. He “super-charges” the power and builds a remote control to turn it on when needed. Ashi, after realizing he has been stood up, goes to have lunch by himself. Along the way he meets Mr. Morgan and they reminisce about their days in the service – back before Ashi had his right arm replaced with a prosthetic. James says his good-byes as he sees Miss Waldegrade dragging Dexter, a mooned-eyed graduate student, towards the auditorium. Ashi grabs a quick bite to eat and rushes towards the see the demonstration as well.

The Experiment

The auditorium is buzzing as Professor Brainard begins to power up his machine. Just as it reaches its power requirements – Phog hits his button and sends thousands of extra volts into the machine. Suddenly the very air ripples and dozens of four-armed monkeys rush into the room. While many of them rush towards the machine, a small number of them drag off the blonde-haired daughter of the dean.

Ashi pulls up a heavy chair and charges towards the stage, scattering monkeys in his wake. This gives an opportunity for Phog to plug himself into the wall and shoot lightning around the room. Alison, followed closely by Mr. Morgan, reaches the stage and pulls out the component that should control the rift – but the rift does not collapse. Several monkeys try to steal the control box from Alison, but Mr. Morgan interposes himself and stops them.

Between Ashi swinging away with his chair and Professor Phog blasting lightning the monkeys are finally all of the monkeys in the auditorium are unconscious. The rift is still opened and the dean’s daughter is missing – dragged through the rift. Ashi, Phog, Alison, and Mr. Morgan go through the rift, lowering themselves to the ground as the rift opened in the treetops.

A Strange New World

As we blaze our way through the jungle, Ashi is using his super-amazing hearing to track the monkeys through jungle; although that does not help us when we are attacked by several groups of monkeys. They drag Alison into the treetops, Mr. Morgan climbing up after them. Most of the monkeys use the trees to their advantage while attacking Phog and Ashi. Working together Phog and Ashi are able to corral them and beat them unconscious.

Mr. Morgan manages to free Alison from the monkeys trying to steal her away. With her assistance he is able to drive back most of them, giving her enough time to shimmy down the trees towards Ashi. Phog climbs into the tree and helps Mr. Morgan take out the remaining of the monkeys that ambushed us.

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