Dr. Howler I presume

Stepping out of the jungle following the battle is Joe, the janitor from the auditorium. He is mad as hell over the mess that we left behind and insists that after rescuing the dean’s daughter. It is a moment of levity in an otherwise foreign land. With our count increased by one we press on through the jungle. Eventually we come across an area partially cleared – looking up we see a series of houses have been built up in the trees. These are not ramshackle houses, but instead well made.

Home of the Monkey

We climb inside; although Mr.Morgan has to help Lady Waldegrade up the tree. Finding no obvious entrance Phog works with Ashi to find the best place for Ashi’s metal arm to tear an opening. Unfortunately it triggers and alarm and we quickly find ourselves swarmed by howling monkeys. Phog, Ashi, and Joe manage to take down a pair, while Mr. Morgan defends Lady Waldegrade from a monkey trying to stop her from rooting through a table full of electronic gizmos. Ashi and Phog pull the monkey from Mr. Morgan and finish it off.

The electronics offers more questions and answers as it appears to be locally boxed if not manufactured. There are two tubes that leave this room – Phog,Mr. Morgan, and Alison go up one tube; while Ashi and Joe go up the other.

Phog, Mr.Morgan, and Alison eventually reach what appears to be living quarters – except it appears to be more suitable for a human than the six-limbed monkeys; especially the clothing scattered on the group.

Ashi and Joe’s tube reach a study. The room has chalkboards, piles of books, and papers stacked on a desk. Neither of them understand the calculations, but Joe grabs a stack of papers that look important. As they are leaving a large box in the corners begins to whir and a flimsy piece of paper comes out. The paper is a hard-written note from Dr. H that says the monkeys failed to capture the girl or retrieve the control box.

Monkey Leader

Each group continues to climb up the the tubes; although Mr. Morgan stays behind to help Lady Waldegrade up the tube. Phog, Joe, and Ashi reach the upper level first where they find a part human-part monkey man monologuing in front of several cyber monkeys. Unfortunately Ashi manages to knock over a crate alerting them to our presence. Mr. Morgan and Alison eventually climb up, but by then the battle is fully engaged.

The two metal monkeys each sport razor-sharp buzz-saws and attack, verbally cajoled into action by their leader they attack with ferocity. Still, they are no match for a team of action scientists – who by using various bits of tech strewn about are able to take down the monkey leader. Mr. Morgan gets a hyper-powered plasma gun and Professor Phog adds one of the monkey’s arm to his appendages.

Dr. H

Lady Waldegrade figures out that Dr. H is actually intelligence enhanced howler monkey that got his degree from Springfield College. He was eventually run out of the college when he attacked a student that laughed at his work on trans-dimensional physics.

We make our way back through the jungle and through the rift, returning Lisa to her father. By Lady Waldegrade’s calculations from the papers that Joe had grabbed she determines that Dr. H is working in the steam tunnels underneath the college. Outside of the lair are a bunch of the six-limbed monkey unconscious on the ground. With caution we make our way inside,finding out that Dr. H has already fled. Lady Waldegrade and Profressor Phog managed to shut down the rift into the world.

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