Union, Pt. 1

El Reyo and eventually Evgeny gets released from the hospital. Both Traicho and Evgeny are invited to a black-tie affair. Times are tense in the city as the Oriental district of the city becomes increasingly insular because of some “cosmic being”

Elena awakes on a bed and hears a voice telling her that she is a guest and he took her advice. The door to her room opens and she is escorted to dinner. The door to the dining hall opens and someone comes in (ed: unknown as it was a passed note) and sits down. Some stilted small talk is followed by business. A deal is struck.

Before we need to leave for the party we feel the need to investigate this oriental house. We go back to the alley and drive down the tunnel eventually reaching the same place we stopped last time. We continue on foot, eventually reaching the base of the building, which has a crowd of black-dressed guys around it.

From the central door comes Jackson (from the Pirate Island adventure), followed by the bearded man from the Picture Cult, followed by a man in flak jacket (from the loss of the USS Los Angeles). They look at each other, then the ninjas attack. After shooting and bashing our way through the wave of ninjas we finally reach the house – bash our way through the house – and rescue Elena (again).

The Aeon Society

We get dressed back into our tuxedos and go to the party to open the Aeon Society chapter house in Panama. It is very poorly attended; although El Reyo shows up and the drinking kicks into high gear. Traicho and Elena go off to a corner and talk about what is happening – and more importantly about what has happened in parts of Elena’s past.

We get a note from the Aeon Society that our next destination is Antartica – where we will be filming the nearly uncharted habitat. When more film arrives we will be leaving by boat (The Planet).


We land in Antarctica and set out on dog sleds towards our encampment. However, disaster strikes when the ice calves beneath the last sled and it falls into a very deep crevasse. Most of our supplies and shelter were on the last sled. We cannot head back,we don’t have the supplies – so we decide to press on and hope for the best.

In the distance we spot a large mountain of snow heading our direction – Evgeny sees it as a large tank. We push the rest of the crew to move towards the camp as fast as they can, while we fall back to see about this “tank”. What looked like a tanks is actually an enormous multi-treaded snow track.

We pull up next to it, find a ladder, and climb on board. Inside it is deserted, but we find food crates and some complicated control panel. Traicho is able to slow it down enough that Evgeny can go back to fetch the rest of the crew. Even if we cannot yet turn it, it has food and warm shelter.

Once everybody is on board and secured, we begin experimenting with the tractor. We manage to uncover quite a bit about the machine. With maps we find on-board we can tell that is has a slight curve as if it is circling the south pole. The idea is to ride it until we get as close as we can to our camp and then bail out – taking supplies with us.

Sandy Sanderson, our personal assistant, comes down from the camera crew atop the vehicle. She tells us that something is coming towards us. We go up and see strange snow-ski-machines closing in on us. We get everyone inside, except Traicho lays prone with a rifle.

When they get closer, Traicho sees an American insignia on front – he waves to them. One of the people comes under the vehicle and climbs the ladder inside. He seems to be US Military and after a brief conversation his commander comes and talks to us. They drop the back hatch and everyone comes on-board, about 40 in all.

They begin the process of checking everything over and spreading throughout the vessel to ensure that we have no “damaged” it. Colonel Smith talks with us and things seem off. It gets worse when he claims Antarctica as American territory. Things get rather tense and things are not looking good when they find out that we have filming equipment.

Colonel Smith gets our Director’s Assistant in a room by himself. Evgeny ends up on the cockpit, Elena with the production assistants, and Triacho just outside the door.

The Savage World

Evgeny is in the cockpit with a squad of US Soldiers when he sees a dense sheer of snow ahead. The crawler turns sharply towards it as the solders scramble to steer or stop it, but it is no use. We pass through the sheer and begin to descend down a steep ramp. Suddenly the snow gives way and we are driving through a jungle.

The soldiers are moving around trying to do anything, even the Colonel seems speechless over what he is seeing. We head topside into a very steamy jungle. There is a howling and the trees begin to shake. When the trees part a giant “thunder-lizard” is in front of us.

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