Union, Part 2

Riding atop the dinosaur are small little lizard folk. Their language seems to be some strange form of communication that allows each of us to understand them. Their leader is named Tranido, but it is Volcon that does most of the wild gestures during communication.

After a bit of stuttering communication we manage to convince them to take us to a place of water. Marea is our guide and the soldiers line up on either side in somewhat disciplined order. On our way back we are attacked.

Very pale “human-like” people with over-sized heads come out with spears. They throw their spears, the soldiers attack, we retaliate, and the lizard people use their lizard “guns” shoot flesh dissolving acid. The surviving hominids fall back, but they do not get away and are quickly brought down.

We find out that these “people” have been coming up from the ground for many hundreds of sun cycles. Although they appear primitive and barely intelligent their spears are very well fashioned of primitive materials. We take one of them prisoner and bring them back to the crawler.

Night Cycle

The Colonel assigns some of his men to “get some answers” from the prisoner. Traicho follows them and is disgusted by what they plan to do. He beats them senseless. Triacho then checks over the hominid. He has very thin bones and nearly translucent skin.

Outside Evgeny and Elena are talking with Marena. She talks about “The People” that came before and the “Catholics” from Argentina. Then came the legarto from the “Empty Earth” – the large hominids as Marea’s people calls them. The remainder of the patrol comes in and form a circle by the crawler for the night, bringing us food for the evening. The sky gradually fades to a gray twice as bright as a full moon.

Elena and eventually the Colonel eventually come across Traicho and the unconscious soldiers. Things are explained and there appear to be no consequences for the action. The Colonel apologizes for the conduct of his men.

Not-so-dark Crystal

As the morning comes, Tranido asks us to come and speak with him. He says that we have the same aura as the Estormo – a giant crystal in the center of this land. We travel there and find a massive diamond stuck in the femoral of a volcanic-like vent. From this diamond comes all life – without it everything would die.

The lizard-people would like us to descend into the earth and stop these hominids from attacking. They are trying to either take or destroy the diamond. We agree and head back to camp to get some provisions.

Once we get back to the we discover the soldiers attacked the camp, wounding many, and left with the crawler to go deeper into the jungle. We tell the lizards how to best stop the crawler and then return with Marea to her encampment for the night.

We enjoy the encampment and get some native “gear” from them for the descent. Marea agrees to be our native guide. As we near the opening into a shot rings out and Marea’s head explodes – we immediately go to ground. We chase after the crawler as the soldiers take up firing positions on the outside.

Winter Soldiers

We run under the crawler, fighting our way inside – eventually making our way to the control room. Inside the control room is a all out fight of gunshots, wrenches, and primitive spears. We emerge victorious; however, there are still about 25 soldiers remaining and they disable the engines. In front of us we see the large depression into the earth and over a score of the white hominids come boiling out of it.

We hear gunfire from the rear of the crawler, Traicho goes to investigate. After a sharp exchange he takes out their scouts and returns with what he saw. Armed with that knowledge we take out the remaining soldiers. Outside are several riders led by Tranido, we turn the soldiers over to him for the death of Marena.

Ride My Snake

Tranido gifts us with a giant riding snake that we can use to travel through the tunnels. We travel for about a day and a half before we reach a massive cavern. In the center of the cavern is the bottom of the diamond from the surface. They are digging a hole below it in an effort to drop the diamond fully into the cavern.

As night falls we wait, when dawn begins to break three large gorilla-like men come into the room and hoot at the workers getting them back to work. We take aimed shots and drop them after a brief firefight. They were using some sort of lightning rod to attack us. We take one of the primitive man-apes captive and turn them over to the lizard folk.

We ask them to help us reach the surface and approximately in the right direction. The next thing we know we are on the shoreline of the ice shelf looking over the water at the boat coming to pick us up. Memories what happened begin to fade with time.

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