Runaway, Act 2

Evgeny finds himself in a small alcove when he comes conscious. Looking through a small grate he sees the Yetis patrolling around the hallway. The most interesting thing is the ladder in the alcove – it goes up and down – but more importantly it is human-sized. So, he goes exploring the ship looking for his friends or a way to hold the robot-man hostage.

He finds the eating area, complete with live animals and meat hooks – but no actual cooking areas. Further in the ship he finds the “engine room”. This room consists of several Yetis hooked up to wires moving large levers and foot pedals. It is like some form of slave galley where zombie-like Yetis provide the physical power to move the ship.

Leaving that behind he continues on in search of his friends. Near the top of of the ship he comes across a slick porcelain-like roll-top door. Tread-like marks come in and out of the door. Try has he might he cannot get the door open.


Elena and Traicho come conscious hanging by their wrists inside of a laboratory. The giant robot is in the middle of the room seemingly inert. By swinging together they manage to reach Traicho’s boot knife and free themselves – dropping to the floor.

While the robot-tank sleeps they sneak around the room looking for a way out. They find a human-sized laboratory of brain science. There is a bunch of things that just seem to make no sense, but they do manage to find their gear in a set of lockers. This goes bad when the robot turns itself back on.

A cockpit of some sort descends into the ceiling, Traicho and Elena take a shot, but it is far too have any effect. Evgeny hears the gunshots, so he uses his lever as club and smashes the door, Traicho seeing the cracking door shoots the door, causing it to shatter just as the robot begins to flail around.

The Traicho and Evgeny shoot and bash at the robot body with very little effect. The armor is just too thick, but Elena manages slip inside before the top is closed. The tank spins very quickly and charges towards Triacho, running him over and crippling him. Evgeny, protecting his friend, picks up a heavy object and hurls it at the tank. He gets its attention – for good or ill.

While Evgeny runs around and throws things at the tank – Elena is inside jammed next to a brain in a jar. She starts tearing apart the tubes that feed glowy florescent liquid into the brain jar. When the tank begins to slow down, Evgeny picks up a piece of the shattered porcelain door and uses it to open the nearly inert tank like a can opener, allowing Elena to climb out.


The ship begins to list, but we begin to hear the sound of torpedoes in the water followed by explosions. The Yeti on board the ship are wandering around confused. We question them. They speak of the voice in their head telling them to do things. The people from our camp were never “taken” per se, but instead simply herded into the forest and left there.

They stop their attack on a giant wall and we surface in a small mini sub. We are looking at the Manhattan Skyline at night. The Yetis guide us back to our encampment, where we find the rest of the crew. The Yetis return to their “land” in their sub and we are left to wonder at it all.

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