Runaway, Act 1

After several days of travel by train and car we reach the Bay of Fundy where this leg of the film is to be produced.Our job is to guard the expensive new color film. We have a production assistant, Sandy, who is to assist us.

The first night is shattered by a crashing sound. We rush out to find that a light pole has fallen over on a tent. The camp rushes to rescue the two me who were sleeping in the tent. One of the assistants runs to the motor pool to get a truck, before she comes back we here shots. By the time we get there nobody is found, but one of the rifles are missing and there is blood splattered on some trees.

We follow the trail of blood and come across the assistant. She has the missing rifle. She does not know what what she hit, but it was as big as a bear and ran on two legs. We tell her to return to camp and let them know – we will hunt down the wounded “animal.” Along the way we find some rather unusual feathers, but more interesting we stumble across a large metal sparking pyramid. The smell of fuel hangs in the air.

Traicho sneaks forward, while we cover him from the treeline. Suddenly his back arches and sparks flash by his leading foot. He is thrown backwards, his leg injured. Evgeny rushes forward to cover him, but Traicho waves that he is okay. After a few minutes Traicho and Elena circle around the pyramid and find a large rubber hose that goes into the ground.

Suddenly a series of Greek words come from inside the pyramid. None of us speak Greek, but Traicho does speak Latin – so he can make something out. We destroy the cable,which renders the electrical field inert – this allows the trapped creature to pull the trap apart. What emerges is a large creature with an over-sized head, arms,and feet. It is covered in some slick material and orange hair.

Military Police?

It has been wounded and tries to back away while yammering something in Greek within an occasional word in English. Traicho and Elena slowly advance on the creature, eventually gaining its trust enough that it allows them to bandage its wounds. Before Traicho can finish there is a noise behind us and three more of his “kind” come into the clearing.

These three “police” as Spiros, the original creature, look like him, but have metal headbands. Strangely enough we can feel some pain in our skulls as they demand that we “drop our weapons and lay down on the ground.” It is a sharp exchange, but Traicho shoots the headbands off of two of them, which causes them to fall over screaming. Evgeny wrestles the third to the ground, but the other two eventually die without the headbands.

We interrogate our prisoner. He calls himself a “Yeti” and was sent to hunt down Spiros. We also find out that others of his kind attacked our camp and took our people “not here.” After some more threatening he walks us back to his three “underships,” which are fish-shaped submarines. It takes us several hours, but we manage to rig the ships to allow us to take them.

Under the Sea

Through a period of trial and error we manage to follow the mini-subs homing beacon back to the mother ship. It is a ship large enough to support nearly a dozen of these mini-subs. We find everything is made for huge people and it is mostly empty, except for a locked pressure room in the front.

Inside this pressure room is Dr. Cantu. He has been gravely injured, but he is conscious enough to answer some questions. He tells us that he made a robot body suit for someone named Andonov and that we have to stop him before he destroys. What he is looking to destroy is unknown as Dr. Cantu dies.

Fiddling with the numbers on the homing beacon we manage to make our way towards an even larger ship. There are dozens of small mini-subs schooling around the immense ship. We circle the immense ship, but all of its docking bays are full, so we cannot board.

Eventually through experimentation Traicho and Elena manage to figure out the radio and try to request docking, but instead are figured out and ordered to heave to and prepare to be boarded. Several “shark” looking ships close from behind and fire explosive harpoons. As the fleet begins to move away the sharks close in.

Evgeny uses his sub to “get in the way” of the attacks, while Traicho and Elena manage to figure out how to return fire. It is a fierce battle that manages to draw us farther and farther away from main fleet. Still, they cannot stop us from sinking the shark subs and rejoin the fleet. With skill and patience we manage to slip alongside them and quietly join the fleet.

Journey to the Center of the Ship

After a short period of time all of the ships docked to the main ship undock and form up in distinct groups. While they leave, we dock on the upper bays. Inside, the sub is empty. We spend nearly thirty minutes working our way down and towards the front of the megasub.

When we reach the front command center there are four Yeti and a large robot with articulated arms and treads. Evgeny steps forward and announces, “Surrender now and nobody gets hurt!”

The robot turns its eye “lights” on us an the Yetis move towards us, then Evgeny fires at the giant robot and all hell breaks loose. However the Yeti quickly close and surrounding Traicho and Elena, Evgeny runs by and begins shooting up the control panels.

The Yetis beat down Traicho and Elena while losing only one of their number. Evgeny shoots up two of the control consoles, but in the end the mind control powers of the robot send him running from the room. He falls unconscious somewhere in the labyrinth of the ship.

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