Pilot – Act 1

Smoke filled the cabin aboard the Airship USS Los Angeles – it is the last thing we remember before waking up aboard a small “balloon tied to a makeshift platform.” In addition to us there are several other passengers on board – only we are tied up. A German voice from inside the ship asks us to “Forgive me I hope you do not think ill of me.” The gangplank is pulled back and the balloon begins to sink.

The balloon is sinking too fast, so after we free ourselves from the ropes we begin throwing luggage overboard. This slows the rapid descent, but we discover a carpetbag strapped to the floor with a bomb attached. Evgeny cuts open the bag, which allows Traicho to throw the bomb overboard.

Overtake the Los Angeles

When we finally begin falling slowly a new tragedy appears as bodies of the crew begin to fall from the sky – starting with the Captain. Angered, we lighten the load even further and begin to rise back into the clouds.Once we reach the proper level Elena cuts her skirt into makeshift sail and hands it to Evgeny to guide us in. When we get close enough she manages to grab the bottom of a rope ladder that secures it to the balloon.

Elena carefully scampers up the ladder, but cannot get through the door because of the pressurized interior – she does manage to secure the line enough to help those following her up. Traicho climbs up the ladder and slams into the door, swinging it open. He is going to help the others into the zeppelin, while Evgeny and Elena clear the lower decks.

The Gas Bag

The lower decks are cleared, but when we go into the main body Elena is surprised by 3 goons who draw guns and demand to know what she is doing here. She tries to talk her way out of the problem, but they are not buying it. Luckily, Evgeny comes up the ladder and wacks one of them with his spanner.

This starts the brawl, the goons surround us – gunshots ensue and spanners are swung. The first of the goons disappears in a cloud of yellowish smoke and says in a familiar voice, “We shall meet again.”

The second goon goes down quickly, while the third tries to make a getaway towards the front of the ship. We quickly run him down and Evgeny pins him down while Elena puts a gun to his head. As we are walking him back, Traicho makes his way towards us.

Elena slips into the jacket and trousers of one of the goon and goes with Traicho towards the engine room. Meanwhile, Evgeny takes the goons towards the passengers and lets them hold a gun on these sky pirates.

Inside the Engine Room, they find several crew members along with 5 guards. They sneak around and when in position Traicho begins firing. He shoots the gunbelt off of two of the guards and Elena takes down the third. The remaining 2 guards try to run away, but they end up fleeing to where Traicho is hiding. They quickly surrender.

Top of the World

At the observation deck on the top of the airship we find a motor that is rattling, but appears to be doing nothing else. Evgeny solves this problem by simply destroying the engine with his spanner.

Topside we look out from under this large canopy and find four autogyro-copters on the deck. The pilots run towards them and we run in pursuit. While they are turning the engines over, Traicho puts a few rounds into the control panel of one of them just before Elena leaps into cockpit. Evgeny tries the same stunt, but only manages to damage its wing before it gets airborne.

All of the autogyro-copters successfully take off, forcing Elena to drop back down to the airship where she is rescued by Evgeny before she falls over the side. Traicho cuts apart the silk canopy and fashions a silk rope so that everyone can move safely.

The four wing things that we saw when we first boarded turn out to be experimental rocket-powered gliders. Evgeny suggests using these to chase after the sky pirates.

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