Gone, Act 3

It is a sharp battle, but we manage to take down the witch-doctor and his zombie henchmen. However, when we board their ships and return to shore we are brought down under a hail of gunfire from the remaining villagers.

We awake inside of a well-made jail cell. It is really well-made and there is little chance for escape. Instead we suffer under smoke and chanting. Next thing we know we wake up on concrete pillars as Mr. Davidson descends to a central pillar dressed up on his creepy mind-controlling wizard outfit – with a tommy gun.

Evgeny jumps from his pillar to walkway and charges Mr. Davidson and tries to wrestle the gun away. Elena uses that distraction to also leap unto a different walkway. Traicho tries as well, but falls into the water – where some very large fish are swimming around.

While bullets from the tommy gun whiz around the room – striking both Evgeny and Mr. Davidson. Elena, dodging the ricocheting gunfire, helps Traicho out of the water. Evgeny butt-strokes him with the gun and chucks his bleeding body into the pool of sharks. Elena and Traicho get one of the doors open and we flee before the water fills the room.

Eventually we make our way to the mansion and arm ourselves in Mr.Davidson’s trophy room. We encounter several of his servants sitting there silently, but they do not react to us. We can see that he cut out the tongues of many of them.

We storm the prison and free the prisoners. Traicho manages to find Mr. Keene, while Evgeny manages to find Leonard among the prisoners. It appears that the villagers have buggered off. The Coast Guard finally arrives and helps us rescue everyone.

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