Gone, Act 1

The next stop on the tour will take us to Jamica. Traicho spends some quality time in the hospital and eventually catching up to us off of Florida. The seas are treacherous this time of year, but the company find a staunch captain willing to take us.

Traicho gets a letter through Paramount Pictures, who is sponsoring this movie. It tells him that his friend William Keene was on a cargo ship off the island of Navassa when it disappeared. The US Coast Guard has searched the area, but have not found the ship or any debris. Of concern to Evgeny is the name of the ship’s captain – Leo Marcoux. He has a half-brother named Leonard Marcoux, but he though him lost in the Russian Revolution.

We talk to the ship’s captain. He agrees to lend us the use of ship’s boat to visit the island. Although it does not involve Elena she agrees to help us after all we have been through.

A Stormy Night

During the night we pass between Haiti and Cuba a storm comes upon us. The captain turns southward to ride out the storm, but three boats spotlight us demand that we surrender. The captain is being herded by the smaller vessels, until he runs aground on a reef. With the ship stopped the pirates charge in and throw boarding hooks over the edge.

Traicho heads to the bridge with his rifle to defend from the high ground, Elena goes towards our cabins to defend the film, while Evgeny goes to the engine room to assist the engineers.

There is something odd in the way these pirates shamble towards us. With little concern for the pitching of the ship, they come at us with little regard for them own lives. Traicho successfully drives them back from the bridge, while Evgeny charges out of the engine room and clean of the deck.

Over the storm and engine Evgeny can hear a drum beat. He makes his way forward and finds it coming from the boats tied up to our bow. He shambles down one of the lines and finds a man feverishly beating a drum surrounded by candles in the wheelhouse. A quick fight and the man drops, but when Evgeny returns to the ship there is a large explosion in the aft part of the deck.

As the ship lists we gather up anyone still left alive on board and get them to the lifeboats. Into the teeth of the storm we lash the boats together and work through the night just to keep them from capsizing.


Come the morning sun we paddle our boats south and after a few hours we reach a sandy shore. Elena organizes the rest of the crew, while Traicho and Evgeny walk along the shore looking for signs of civilization. After over three hours they find a small village with an walled English manor on the overlooking ridge.

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