Fluke, Act 2

At the Compania de Jesus we are attacked by ninjas. Evgeny ends up tangled in a net, while Traicho goes down without a fight. Elena draws a knife and manages to look scary, but she does not last much longer. El Reyo is surrounded just as Evgeny finally breaks free and enters the fight, unfortunately two sword strikes bring him to the ground. He may be the last man standing, but Evgeny still goes down under the assault.

Evgeny and Traicho come conscious tied up and left at the Compania. Elena is hog-tied and tossed in the trunk of a car that speeds away. Traicho steals a car, while Evgeny help El Reyo get to his goons for medical assistance. Traicho, who picks up Evgeny, trails after the car with Elena. We lose them in a blind alley – we find the opening, but it does not budge.

ed: Something happened with Elena, but I have no idea what because they went into the other room to run part of the game.

Tunnel Games

Evgeny and Traicho montage back at the hotel and gear-up. This time when we reach the end of the alley we ram the car into the brick door, which swings open as we near it. Down a tunnel we race as it twists and turns until we reach the other car. We park behind the car, race inside a very richly appointed oriental building, and rescue Elena and Mr. Grainger.

We hear a strange voice saying that we cannot go, but we leave anyway without any trouble. We make our way back to the Compania de Jesus, pick up the package, and return to our hotel room. We settle up the bill (leaving no forwarding address), collect our stuff, and drive to a remote area to push our “Call Home” button – after dropping off Mr. Grainger at the canal zone.

Before the seaplane arrives we are attacked by four ninjas. We draw our guns and the battle begins. This time in the battle between ninja and guns – guns win! Gun-shot ninjas are sprawled on the beach.

Dr. Zorbo

A few hours later the seaplane arrives and we return to the enormous ship. After freshening up we have dinner with Dr. Zorbo. There is some verbal sparring during dinner, but business will wait until dinner is over.

Unfortunately the after-dinner conversation starts with a fight as he refuses to let us go because we “know too much.” There is a brief flurry of violent activity as goons rush the room – Dr. Zorbo leans over the edge, but is tackled by Evgeny, as both go over the edge.

Traicho and Elena manage to take down the attacking minions, but now find themselves trapped on the floating dining room. Evgeny and Dr. Zorbo go over the edge – fighting the way down – until Zorbo’s parachute opening nearly knocks Evgeny free. Evgeny says, “I am going to strangle you!” as he climbs up the doctor.

Evgeny and Zorbo struggle with each other, Zorbo loses his sword while Evgeny punches him in the groin. Elena ties the tablecloth to one of the pillars and swings into open space aiming towards the parachute. Traicho, unaware of Elena leaving the dining room, locates two parachutes.

Evgeny strikes Zorbo hard enough to double him over, unfortunately his pants fall off and Evgeny drops free. Elena hits the parachute with her knife and cuts a large gash across it sending Dr. Zorbo careening out of control towards the wall. Traicho, seeing all of this, jumps off the dining hall with a spare parachute.

Before Evgeny hits the bottom of the bowl, Elena draws her gun and hits the control panel to open the bottom of The Eyrie up to the ocean. Water rushes in proving Evgeny with a slightly softer land – crippling, but not dead. Elena falls into the water as well, but does not come up immediately. Traicho sees everything as he parachutes into the water.

The End?

As The Eyrie lifts up into the sky, Traicho finds Evgeny’s barely conscious body in the water. He manages to pull him up unto some flotsam as The Eyrie generates a cloud bank and disappears. There is no sign of Elena anywhere.

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