Finale, Act 2

It is nearly 1 PM when we finally leave the Aeon Society house in Los Angeles heading towards San Francisco. Somewhere outside of San Francisco near dusk we coming across an armored van straddling train tracks. There is a train stopped on the southbound and two guys with Tommy Guns outside.

Traicho goes forward to talk with them, but they lower their guns on him, but before they can threaten him – he drops one with his pistol. Evgeny stomps the accelerator and slams the second one into the back of the armored car as the goon sprays the area with gunfire. Elena leaps out and scrambles up into the train engine.

Elena and Traicho make their way towards the back of the train, killing hijackers as they go. Evgeny jumps into the armored van and begins moving it forward. Traicho and Elena see the hijackers trying to get away in a truck and blow out their tires. The hijackers try to flee, but Traicho brings them down. Eventually Evgeny plows his way through the treeline and reaches the truck.

With our car out of commission and nobody else willing to give us a ride – we get on the train and continue our trip to San Francisco.

San Fransisco

Elena is approached by a woman and man possibly of Asian descent. They called themselves Jade Mantis and Ivory Monkey. They say something to her and she goes and fetches Evgeny.

They tell Evgeny that he will be met by someone in San Fransisco who has a very exciting job offer for work in the future. It is along the same lines as the work he is currently doing with the Aeon Society. Evgeny agrees to listen to the offer, but is reserved.

Eventually the train arrives in San Fransisco and Elena takes us to Victoria’s house – where she becomes one with her Victoria personality. The letter Evgeny got from his half-brother gives his directions to the Bamboo House – in what would one day become known as Chinatown.

We reach the Bamboo House, go through the kitchen, down some stairs and through several hallways until we reach a very large door. We find nobody else along the way. We push through the door and find a large underground, but actually seemingly outside area – like the cavern in Panama.

The first person we meet is a deformed man. He calls himself Krog The Bakemano and he tells us that our answers would be found on the other side of the hedge maze.

We grind out way through the maze.

Eventually we reach a jade tower surrounded by a jade wall. The tower has ebony, ivory, and silver accents.We go inside the tower and encounter more maze-like rooms with prison doors, beautiful non-communicative women, and spiral staircases. Until we reach a black door with no obvious way to open it.

After announcing ourselves we come before a man on a raised chair surrounded by seven other people. The people in the chairs are tied down. We each recognize the people as important people from our lives. Jade Mantis and Ivory Monkey move to stand behind the old man.

After he spends time trying to convince us that we should work for him – Evgeny finally decides to crack the old man with his chair. This brings Mantis and Monkey into the battle. Traicho goes down quickly, followed a bit later by Elena. Evgeny manages to bash down Monkey and Mantis, while the old man continues to make copy of himself.

The fight continues on, Evgeny frees his step-father Louis and his step-brother Leonard – arming both of them. However he falls under the fists of the real and copy masters.

We wake up in the hospital.

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