As Evgeny and Traicho make their way to Los Angeles, Elena visits the Navy Base there and interviews with the local Commander. She gives a rundown of what happened immediately following our capture during the night.

When Evgeny and Traicho finally reach Los Angeles, Evgeny drags Traicho along to the major newspapers and tells them the the tale of the loss of the USS Los Angeles. This gets them enough money to get around and Traicho a new suit, but they are swept up by the MPs and “drug” to the naval base.

All three of them are examined and their stories listened to several times. Eventually Admiral Griffith lets us loose, but insists that we stay case they have more questions. On our first day at the Aeon Society we get served with papers that Fox Pictures is suing us for the loss of the Los Angeles. He recommends that we stop giving interviews.

While the others head back, Evgeny finds a speakeasy and spends a few hours. Once he gets back to the Society’s house he finds the major domo and asks him about something that Louis left for him. The man gives Evgeny a chest – the only thing inside is a letter written by Louis that says “Hope” – Evgeny is confused.

That night two “thugs” arrive at our rooms and ask us to “please come with us to meet with Mr. Parott.” We meet him on a Warner Bros. lot. He is invested in water and garbage and wants to see is “friends” rescued. He shows us a letter signed by Count Kaserecks that if he is not paid $1 million he will kill the men. Mr. Parott backs us into a corner and twists our arm until we have little choice but to help.

Blood Stolen

There was so much blood in the rooms coupled with the fact that large amounts of blood was recently stolen indicates the two may be linked. We trudge down to the hospital to see if we determine how the theft happened.

After some distraction and searching we determine it was a smash and grab that took place in an instant. Nobody heard anything, but a bunch of stuff was smashed and the refrigerator was broken into sometime during the night.

The Green Room

We go to Evgeny’s speakeasy that he found and begin to work the room. In short order, Evgeny manages to find out that Count Kaserecks is running a “cult” that is popular among the young actors and actresses. He moves his party between various movie lots throwing various theme events. Tonight’s party will be help on the lot of International Atlantic.

We arrive at the party and find that it is taking place on a lot with a jungle and pyramid – very Tarzan-like. Many of the people are exiting trailers dressed in outfits and sashes over their eyes – we follow suit.

Evgeny merges in with the crowd and when a bowl is passed around he drinks deeply from it. It has a remarkable psychedelic effect on him. Traicho and Elena manage to slip off, with Traicho moving around to the back of the pyramid. He finds a carriage with two men in the shadowed interior. He slips forward and listens in on their conversation.

Finally, at the top of the pyramid a man with long fingers wearing monk’s robes arrives. He says, “come” and several black-robed figures rise up and approach him. He angles his head and “bites” each of the figures. Once a figure has been bitten they “collapse” to the step below them. He claims his name is “Nosferatu” and if everyone returns they will drink the blood of the powerful.

Traicho hides in the carriage and waits for “Nosferatu” to arrive. Elena also slips into the carriage, but she decides to hide in a small box that would have held winter blankets. When he arrives, Traicho recognizes him as under the influence of some drug or alcohol. Nosferatu is actually Count Kaserecks and he wants to return to his lair before daylight. Traicho lets him drive there.


He drives around the various studio lots before stopping before a large mansion. He goes inside, into the basement, and eventually lays down in a coffin. Traicho and Elena search the house and find that it is set up by International Atlantic for various vampire and horror movies.

They manage to “trick” Nosferatu out of the coffin and into a east room when the sun rises. This convinces him that he dies and they are able to drag him outside and question him. He sticks with the name of Count Kaserecks, but there is little else to be gained.

Back Lot

As everyone begins to break up, Evgeny follows them and changes out of his costume. He then waits by the front gate, but his friends never come out. So, he sneaks back into the lot and when he gets to the pyramid he sees two people helping the “bitten” victims to their feet. Rather than leave by the gate, they go towards a lot farther back.

He follows them to a western lot where they put the three victims inside of the jail. When they leave, Evgeny goes into the jail and breaks them out – with a bit of struggling. He finds that they are the three missing executives. He carries Fox and helps the others along – eventually reaching a police station.

Evgeny is also “held” while they check into the executives and check out his story. Eventually Traicho and Elena arrive with Count Kaserecks.

Awards Ceremony

Traicho finds out through the Aeon Society that Mr. Parott is in fact some very powerful broker.

During the ceremony, Evgeny tells a story about how the executives were freed against all odds against numerous enemies, but through sheer heroism he pulled them out. Elena tries to get a few words in, but is overshadowed by Evgeny.

After the ceremony Evgeny, Traicho, and Elena are invited to a private ceremony. Each of them are invited to become members of the Aeon Society – Evgeny and Traicho both accept, but Elena agrees to help but not join.

We will be joining a camera crew as it travels the world with new experimental cameras in order to make a movie that will debut at the Chinese Theater.

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