To boldly go where The Captain cannot go

When Daniel gets home it looks it was involved in a police raid. He is nearly shot by his mother when he comes into the house. She is in tears as my cousin Clarence was over for dinner and he was kidnapped by men wearing fezzes. Daniel calls the police and report the kidnapping, but before he gets very far a roughed up Clarence walks through the door. Clarence,a high-profile lawyer, had an Atom watch but it was stolen from him during the kidnapping.

Witch-It has a run in with her mom that does not go well and nearly ends with her being grounded.

A Tail of Two Plots

The next afternoon we meet at Hollywood Costumes where The Captain has dropped off the plates and the power supply. Following the screening on the plates we discover they are manufactured by a local company called Sigma Alpha Epsilon – a subsidiary of Epson Company (who made the power source).

Armed with knowledge we decide to cover multiple locations. First, Witch-It will cover Best Buy because if the pattern holds it will be hit the following day. Meanwhile l33t and Daniel go to ΣΑΕ Industries to investigate the plates.


Witch-it hangs out by the video games at Best Buy. Eventually,a robber shows up, announcing that he is Cat Man Due. He ordered his robo suit cats to destroy parts of the store until the store owner gave up the contents of the display case, including the Atom watch.

While Cat Man Due is busy, Witch-it hides in his van. She hides and waits for him to drive away.

When he stops, he takes the loot and goes into a warehouse. While she is waiting, Witch it releases the cats from their power suits, takes the keys out of the van, and starts building a controller for the suits.

She hears a loud noise, and Cat Man Due comes running out, a fleet of tiny clockwork robots following him. He jumps into the van, finds the key missing, and runs out the other side. The robots pursue, zapping him with bolts of lightning as they run.

Eventually, they come back and see Debra, who is tearing apart the van to get parts for the cat controller. There is a brief fight where Debra takes control of the robots as well.

She finds the warehouse empty, just footprints in the dust. She calls the rest for a ride.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Daniel and l33t disguise themselves as detectives and work their past the HR and Plant Manager, eventually reaching xxx. He tells us that the plates in question were taken by Jerry to Eagle Recycling. This went wrong when l33t decided to play hard-core cop and beat the manager around. After paying off the manager, Daniel manages to spook Jerry into running, which lets l33t chase him down.

Faced with an Angry Shazam, Jerry begins to sing like an angel. l33t discovers that instead of taking the plates to Eagle Recycling he took them to the old Dunster Piping plant. The plant had been abandoned for years and the block blighted, but that would be the perfect place for a small drop-off to occur.

Daniel calls up Victor, a friend who also happens to be a cop, and tells him that he needs some official coverage for what just happened. It costs him quite the favor, but in the end Victor agrees to send a black and white down to drop off the paperwork and pick up Jerry for theft.

We pick up Witch-It, it’s about to get dangerous.


We pull outside of the old Dunster Piping Facility and split up to find a way inside. Witch-It, not understanding the need for stealth, simply walks up to the front door and goes inside. In there she confronts several men armed with brass blunderbusses. A fight ensues, which draws in l33t and his robo-cat army.

It appears the thugs are done for when a large clockwork allosaurus comes from out of the back room. Unlike the other clockwork creations encounters, this one is intelligent. The tide of battle is turned with Witch-It and l33t scrambling for cover until Daniel (dressed as a bum) staggers into the factory. He manages to distract the dinosaur by being obvious while sneaking up behind it.

This is the break the others need. Witch-It grabs one of the weapons, enhances it with her abilities and drops the remaining goods. l33t leads his cat army in overwhelming the dinosaur, who now had Daniel on its back, allowing Witch-It to disassemble it.

In a back room we find some old-fashioned blueprints and the dinosaur’s charging station. Although Witch-It finds the charging station interesting – it is the blueprints that hold the key to victory over the Clock King.

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