A Gear in the Works

Witch-It, l33t, and The Captain arrive at the Ross Park Mall to investigate the theft of a new high-tech Kronos watch, The Atom, from the jewelry store. The security guard hesitates showing them the video, but eventually Witch-Its overpowering cuteness wins him over.

l33t goes to the jewelry story where after chatting up a cute salesgirl he comes into contact with Janet Blackthorn. Janet yells at him about super heroes, thugs, and the evils of base culture. l33t is all confused when midway through the conversation she pulls out a gun and yells, “You won’t rob me again you freaks”

l33t turns and sees several men in soccer uniforms followed by a referee. The ref steps in front and says “Hand over the watch and nobody gets fouled!” l33t grabs one of the light bars and sends bolts of electricity towards The Extreme Sports Team. The sounds of combat draws Witch-It and The Captain from the nearby Security Office.

When the referee finally holds up his hand and surrenders shop windows are destroyed, the jewelry story is a shattered ruin, and a mall guard is zipping around on an out of control Segway. They pummel the referee and find out that his team was hired by a short man in a fez calling himself The Clock King.

Meanwhile Daniel goes to Wolfe & Sons and hides the tracking device inside of the power generator.

The Double Dollar Bar

Daniel, wearing his YMCA Biker outfit, follows The Captain into the bar at a discrete distance. The Captain sits at a table with a beer while Daniel goes to the bar. He tries to intimidate the bar (and fails) when a villain group called The Dumpster Divers comes in.

Sensing an opportunity Daniel approaches the gang and tries to out muscle them. It does not end well and The Captain nearly has to intervene to save him when he changes approaches. He becomes a mastermind that has to come to this city and take care of The Clock King, who has welched on his word.

After much bluster and chest-thumping Daniel manages to hire The Dumpster Divers as blood hounds to find out where The Clock King is holed up. He also offers them another rolls of bills if they help him beat him down.

Tick Tock goes the Clock

The next day us, minus l33t who has been pulled into meeting with the daughter of a new family that moved into the neighborhood, go to The Clock Shop to see one of the places where The Atom was to be sold. The man inside says that he sold the watch several days ago to James Kirk. A man whose physical description matches the man that hired Extreme Sports.

We are heading back when Witch-It checks on the position of the power generator – it has moved. It is now located north of The City at a Westinghouse facility. Witch-It, Daniel, and The Captain drive up to the facility, finding one wing of the building darkened. Unfortunately before we can breach the building, Daniel’s mother calls him just as she is being kidnapped by men wearing red fezzes.

Daniel rushes home while the rest stay to investigate the plant. Inside they find several of the machines connected to the power supply cranking out multiple gear-like components from some Silicon-like material. Witch-It and The Captain deliver a beat down and then make off with components of the power supply, some of the silicon blanks, and the half-cut gear.

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