This is a big mess that only large Bureaucracy can solve

Captain O’Doyle and Administrator Brinn get together in her wardroom and decided on how to handle the situation. Given the damage to the merchant ship it is decided to send back the CSS Sheffield. The crew of the merchant ship will be landed planetside with their compatriots and a prize crew will be put aboard in its place.

Brinn will remain in charge with most of the damage control parties and marines in the system along with the second watch. Ensign Edmonds and the Captain will take the Sheffield back to Concord Space. When the Sheffield reaches Concord space a message is sent that reaches the highest level of the bureaucracy.

The end result is that the Nerrick are found to have been in this system for years and although they have monitored the Radaman they have not helped them or assisted them. This will cause a great deal of problems for the Nerrick in the years to come. To deflect this the Nerrick have raised an issue about Administrator Brinn boarding their vessel.

The Radaman are not brought into the compact as an independent nation like the T’sa – instead they will be allowed to travel and live in their system until their future can be determined.

Next Assignment

Each of us are interviewed by Administrator Miguel Acton of the Concord Operational Command in the hopes of building a small response team that can handle “do not touch” situations in the future. A balance between the politically difficult requirements that fall to the concord. Lance, Bill, and Edmonds are detached from the Sheffield for this assignment. Advanced weapons are getting into Concord Prime and the local police have not be able to the smugglers.

While it is not illegal to own a personal firearm on Concord Prime it is illegal to purchase it from a non-authorized seller. Most disturbingly these are cutting edge technology, not a back door sale of old military hardware. We are to discover the pipeline, warehouses, and any local moles in the police – we are not to confront or arrest them.

Concord Prime

We set up a doomsday cult, The Gibbians, that was launched upon the discovery of the Radaman. We craft a manifesto that alludes to information that we know about the Nerrick discovering the Radaman and government cover-ups. Second we prepare a small complex with survival gear. The plan is to have our “survival group” purchase weapons to prepare for the coming collapse of society.

We book passage on a bulk freighter into Concord Prime. Our requested gear is already planetside waiting for us to hookup. We land in the city of Losantis (pop. 1.5b) and establish ourselves. We find an abandoned building with some undergound rooms that would serve as the base of our organization. Bill declares the building defensible.

Once we have setup our facility we go to a street corner and begin preaching about the coming destruction of society. After an hour or so the cops arrive and arrest Lance – just as we planned.

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