The Fat Lady Sings

Mr. Edmonds arranges a meeting with Percy Galvin, a client specialist with Opinions Unlimited. He tried to get a meeting with Tabitha Baird, but just getting our foot in the door is a good start. The meeting goes well; although the firm has some concerns about any talk of violence by the church. Mr. Edmonds agrees to tamp down on the preacher for 24 hours while Percy builds an initial campaign.

Later that afternoon Lance heads into the darker side of the city, with Bill following behind as his shadow. He unfortunately runs into a bunch of dead ends and rather uncooperative people. They return to the church several hours later with nothing accomplished except getting a single name Richard Forsythe.

With no other leads panning out we decide to hit Forsythe at the bar he is known to hang out. Bill goes in first and checks the area out. When we get the signal Lance and Mr. Edmonds go in to the bar. Lance makes contact with Forsythe and then go to a back table to talk. They work a deal and will meet again in 24 hours at the same bar.

Meanwhile at the Dog Show

The next morning Mr. Edmonds goes for his meeting with Mr. Gavin. The effort by him for the PR Campaign was very amateurish and Mr. Edmonds expresses his severe displease that this is the best effort for the firm. He leaves an opening that the company might be able to win their business, but they have wasted his time today and he will not forget it.

Brinn meets were her contact at the food court to buy some guns. Once she gives him her intentions he shows a badge and begins to tell her that she had better work with him to she will end up behind bars. Brinn just simply laughs at him. She finally realizes that he was the cop that was originally hunting down the weapons, but has been busted down to traffic cop. He tries his best to intimidate her, but when Brinn tires of it she just leaves.

That night Lance, in disguise, meets with Forsythe in a back room of the bar. Once there he is stripped of his weapons at gunpoint and hustled into an air car out back. Once a bag is put on his head the car is driven to a small nondescript building where Anotolli is waiting to meet him.

He shows her a small cache of weapons. Lance agrees that he can buy these weapons, but he is actually looking for getting more weapons over the 6 month period of time his off-planet channel will remain open. She finagles a meeting with with Anotolli’s supplier for the longer term commitment, after paying a small retainer fee.

It’s All Going Down – Right Now

We have two days until the exchange goes down. We spend that time doing a deep computer search based upon our physical description of Anotolli. We get a hit on Adam Alexander. He is a Rigormore smuggler that was caught by the police, sentenced to jail time, but an “accident” in his transportation left everyone believing him dead.

On the day of the meeting Lance, Bill, and Mr. Edmonds get into a car and our driven to a rural environment. We are stripped of all of our weapons, except Bill stares them down when they want to take his knives. The area is covered by snipers and there is a woman that we have not met before that appears to be in charge. She introduces herself as Josephine.

Josephine is in charge of the weapons and she introduces Gilbert, who will act as the money man for these transactions. Lance negotiates with the woman for the cost and we hand over the money. After a few discussions we uncover that they do not have a bent cop, but instead feed false information to the police. We leave and wait for her call.

In the meantime we begin researching what we know. We find out that Josephine is a former Miss Universe Champion (the first after the war), but she has no record of coming to this planet. Gilbert is a banker that has been raided by the police several times, but as of yet they cannot make charges stick.

Finally we get a call with the address of a warehouse and a code for the door. We go there and find the weapons that we have purchased. They are Austin Arms, but contain no identifying marks or any other way to determine their origin. We move the crates of weapons in our secret lair.

To spring our trap we arrange to have a Radaman crate made and try to convince Josephine to smuggle it on planet. We find out she cannot smuggle it, which means that it must be manufactured on planet. With all of the questions answered we turn our information over and go home.

Josephine is released to her planet’s local police very quietly under diplomatic pressure. Gilbert is oily enough that he is able to escape before the net is able to close in around him. The rest of the smaller fry are swept up and prosecuted.

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