New Heroes In Spaaaaaacccccceeee

Ensign Aurelius Cassius Edmonds, Private Bill, and Spaceman Kensington each report aboard the CSS Sheffield under the command of Captain Maggie O’Doyle. The ship has been assigned as an outer picket around the flagship where the T’sa are petitioning to settle a world outside of their space.

Ensign Edmonds is on watch when the ship’s sensors detect a large ship in-system where there was nothing just a few moments ago. It is using some form of primitive fusion torch drive system for movement. He orders the ship to battle stations, weapon bays hot, and marines to their battle stations. He comms Captain O’Doyle and informs her of the situation as he orders the ship to intercept.

Brinn O’Malley is attending the conference on the CSS Illustrious when the ship’s sensors detect a large world-ship class vessel in the system. The diplomatic corp assigns her as its representative in this incident. She will be boarding the CSS Sheffield which has been assigned to investigate this vessel.

The CSS Sheffield comes alongside the vessel as Captain O’Malley orders two away parties formed. Ensign Edmonds is assigned to lead the party that will include the diplomat. Bill is assigned as his marine guard and Kensington as an extra pair of hands.

Into the Dark

We take a shuttle to a large hatch that we spotted on the vessel. EVA techs help the two landing parties across, where Bill hacks the hatch door allowing everyone inside a small “bay” of some sort. The Marine Lt takes his group forward, while we head aft.

We come across large ramps that descend deep into the ship, bringing us ever closer to the center. At the bottom we find a large botanical room that could have been used for food or oxygen generation. The plants have been long dead.

Bill spots some sort of dead animal in the trees,which Kensington brings down. It is a 6-limbed monkey of some sort, clearly intelligent. The Marine Lt. calls over the comms that they found a many of the creatures who died in some last ditch defense of their lives.

In the botanical rooms we begin searching the side doors, eventually finding a working computer, but the language is unknown to anybody. As we probe deeper into the ship we eventually stumble upon a room with dozens of dead monkeys in a room with a very low level of atmosphere. Opposite the room is a large tube that someone had rigged up directly to the fusion power cables. We believe that the fusion energy in the room killed the monkeys.

 I have the Power

The Marine Lt. calls in to let us know that he found what he believes to be the bridge. It appears that the battle in the bridge involved two groups of monkeys. The smaller group was armed with sidearms, while the larger group had improvised weapons.

We managed to to find the fusion generators and Edmonds routes what power remains to the bridge. With so much information gathered we do a data dump to the CSS Sheffield and let the captain make the call on what to do next. She has us continue to search for a few more hours, but we do not find any new information.

The high command of the CSS Illustrious takes control and sends their own teams to examine the wreckage. Our part in this mission is over, but we are sworn to secrecy.


Several months later military officers in the system are called to a meeting on the CSS Illustrious. Once there we are given a report on what they have discovered aboard the ship. This was a multigenerational colony ship. Its area of origin includes one of the two planets that the T’sa wish to colonize.

The CSS Sheffield, with a small team of xeno-biologists, will jump to one of these planets and see if this was the planet of origin.

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