Into an unknown system

Before we can drop into Starfall the Xenobiologist falls sick, so we wait around for another seven days waiting for his replacement. Mrs. Sarah arrives and the crew quickly notices that she is very attractive. This results in bets running around the lower end of the ship about who can wheedle a date from her. Topside we spend the time running simulations and maintenance downtime. Ensign Edmonds and Techn Olaf Adolfsson spend some very difficult time running sensor simulations as Tech Adolfsson is lazy.

We drop out of drivespace into the system. This system has 1 M-type planet in the inhabitable zone. In addition there is 1 J-type, and 3 rocky planets outside along with 1 terra planet near the star. Before the captain can reach the bridge Tech Adolfsson picks us a faint EM-band emission from one of moons orbiting the gas giant. It sounds like planetary miners, but this system should be empty. We believe that these miners are from the Nariac Cluster.

Planetary Terraformers

The Captain orders Ensign Edmonds to gather his landing party and escort Administrator O’Malley to the moon where they have detected a settlement. As we near the planet Bill looks over the maps and picks a good spot to land. Once they have safely landed Ensign Edmonds orders Bill to scout towards the village while he follows behind with Brinn and Lance.

Before he reaches the settlement Bill finds a single man working on a terraforming station. Bill takes up a position along the clearest escape route. Once he is in position the rest of us calmly approach the man. When he sees Binn’s Tri-staff he tries to flee – straight into the arms of Binn. After a brief struggle he is captured. He is indeed from the Nariac Domain and along with others has been ordered to terraform this planet.

It is decided to take his prisoner until everything can be sorted out. Once Bill and Lance return from taking the prisoner to the skiff, we again head towards the settlement. Again Bill circles the settlement and gives the rest of us the information. Brinn decides to again approach openly so that nobody sees us as a threat. It works as we quickly establish contact with their leader, Vrinn Katal.

Vrinn gives us all of the information that Brinn asks and with the assistance of two techs from the ship we validate all of her information. Rather than ordering the terraformers into custody she has the captain drop a satellite into orbit so that we can continue in-system.

Trouble on the Horizon

As we fly-by the most outer terraplanet Ensign Edmonds is on the bridge assisting Tech Adolfsson with his sensor scans. This time on a supposedly empty planet we find habitat domes. Most of the domes are obviously derelict, but a few still appear intact. Mr. Edmonds summons the Captain to the bridge, who in turns calls up Administrator Brinn. Brinn, with the Captain’s advice, decides to go to the planet along with one of the Xenobiologists. It is possible that this settlement is alien in origin.

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