Gibbeon Temple under Attack

Lance’s case comes before the local magistrate, who frankly does not want deal with a simple public nuisance case and dismisses the charges. Brinn was waiting at the courthouse and walks Lance back to our bunker. Lance goes to sleep, while Bill begins construction of some deadfalls and tripwires.

Brinn leaves with Mr. Edmonds to visit a nearby park and hand out news chips on Gibbeon activity. Over the course of several hours we make three new converts. One of them manages to gives us the name of a gun dealer that may have some contacts with people that could get us “protection.”

Lance and Mr. Edmonds find a bar near the gun shop and hang out while Brinn and Bill go into the gun shop. Unfortunately Amber, the owner of the shop, marks Brinn as a NARC and plays it straight by the book. This might be a dead end.

Lucky for us the news feed picks up the story of the Church of the Gibbeon. Lance and Brinn immediately leave the bar and call the network to arrange an interview. Bill and Mr. Edmonds head to a internet cafe to see about finding a reporter that might be sniffing around the story of the illegal guns.

The Gibbeon Live

Mr. Edmonds and Bill manage to find Rashenda and Margret Ambrose. Rashenda does a weekly column for a few gun magazines, while Margret was a crime reporter before her career was sidelined by someone higher up. Bill convinces them both that someone the high-tech weapons are being moved by a corrupt member of the security forces. This puts them on the hunt for a career-making story. The end result is that they find a PR firm who is currently working on the messages about Austin Ontis. Tabitha Baird is the lead employee of the firm working on the message.

Lance, pulling Brinn behind him, meets with Shadrack Andrews about the Gibbeon Church and the troubles it has had with the law. Lance begins schmoozing her and half-way through the interview she has completely lost control of the situation and Lance is running the story. This story goes viral and soon we have another 30 true converts and 75 new members.

It was a good couple of days until Lance runs into someone that refers to him by his Rigamorole name. He says his name is Tom and that Jethrow will be in-touch with him very soon – very soon. Lance really does not want to deal with Jethrow, so he places a tip to Shadrack about “Tom”.

Houston, We have Guns!

Lance finds out about the Leberos Tavern as a place to acquire guns for an individual, for larger purchases a man named Anatollie Bellacherer is a person of interest.

Bill goes to the tavern, Mr. Edmonds is waiting at a cafe a block away in case something goes wrong. Bill finds out that the waitress is the seller. She shows him a crate that holds 8 guns and only 3 are left, they are mini-pulse weapons. He purchases 1 gun and tells her that he wants more. She arranges for him to come back at closing time for more guns.

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