McCorbitt House

November 11, 1920; Boston

Patrick “Patty” McGalva calls his son (John McGalva), nephew (Thomas Galvan), and a professional medium (Ambrose Burns) to his office. He tells them that he has owned some property, the Corbitt House, for several years, but is having difficulty getting renters or selling it. The locals believe the house is haunted, in fact the last people that lived in it were taken to the Roxbury Sanitarium. He wants us prove the house is not haunted or in the case of a real haunting have Ambrose deal with it.

The place is up at Cop Hill and appears to be the only building still standing. The rest of the block has been demolished to make way for a new bank. Ambrose walks around the demolished buildings be cannot get any feelings about the building itself. Thomas and John talk to a newsman on the corner and hear about a dour 8th year anniversary for some missing children and the Chapel of Contemplation.

Roxbury Sanitarium

Ambrose take public transportation to the Roxbury Sanitarium. He could only look at Mr. Marcario (Vittorio) through the glass. He is completely mentally gone and no longer responding to anything or anyone. They will not let he see him except through the window.

He does talk to Mrs. Marcario (Gabriela) for some time. She recounts that that they were in the house for several weeks before the house began to feel menacing to her. One night she saw someone over the bed watching her, but by the time she woke her husband he was gone. There was an incident involving her husband, but she refused to elaborate on it.

She instead talks about a room on the upper floor that was locked and none of their keys fit. When they finally got into the room they found only a large bad fashioned from very dark wood. Things changed in the house, they quickly got worse after they opened the door. Finally they locked the door, but it did not really help much.

Chapel of Contemplation

We reach the Chapel and find the place appear to have burned 8 years ago during the “incident”. In addition we find a strange painted shape (triangle with an eye) on an out-building. The grounds show signs of undergrowth, but no recent activity. We go inside the chapel, but before we can check it out the floor collapses dropping us into the basement.

John notices that we fall unto a heap of bones and drags Thomas back away from them yelling about the gas. Thomas far more clever and brave sees a small wooden dresser and searches it. He finds a journal and book still legible after the fire. The writings discuss an unseen one, shadows, wishes granted – and talk about Corbitt being buried under his house.

We exit the basement and go to the nearest precinct house to report the bodies. The desk sergeant sends us to Detective Sweely. He tells us that the fire happened during a raid based upon sworn affidavits that the “Church” had kidnapped children. Five children are still considered missing. The priest, Michael Thomas, was imprisoned but escaped three years ago. The Detective cannot tell us much else as all of his records were taken downtown shortly after the raid.


In the morning we meet at Patrick’s office to check on the previous tenants. He purchased the house in 1915, but did not have his first renters until 1917 when the Kings arrived. They only stayed for two months before their children fell ill and they moved out. The Marcario did not move into until 1919 and were the last renters.

Thomas and Jon trudge to the county records building to look up the Corbitt house. It was originally purchased by Walter Corbitt in 1835 and in 1866 Mr. Corbitt’s will was executed by Reverend Michael Thomas. His will requested that he be interred on his property. His neighbors who unsuccessfully him in 1852 for surious habits and behavior, sued his estate to stop him from being buried.


Thomas and John go to the police office to find out information about Michael Thomas, but smack into the Blue Wall of Silence. Nobody will let them into the records room once they find out who they are searching. It is a very frustrating moment and while we don’t storm out – Thomas makes his displeasure known to the cop.

From there we go to the archives (morgue) of the Boston Globe to search their records. We once again get stopped at the gate by a secretary. We try and fail again – it is becoming a habit. So we pivot again and try to find out information on the construction companies.


Thomas tries to run down information about the construction companies that were involved in the construction project. He find a bunch of empty offices and nothing else.

Ambrose asks if John can shadow him since he will be visiting locations that are less than friendly looking for information about the sign that Thomas found on the outbuilding. He visits a bunch of frauds and shysters and gets nothing. So, we finally track down someone that gives us some basic information about someone that might know someone – Mark Font.

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