Zulu Zulu Zulu

As their eyes adjust to the blinding brightness they realize that they have jumped into the proverbial fire. The portal opened into the fae lands in the middle of a British Redcoat encampment. They are surrounded by a wooden palisade in the middle of some dry steppes or desert. More than two dozen sidhe redcoats have their guns trained on them. Camille, standing beside Darmoria, holds up a white kerchief and says, “We surrender.”

Between these columns walks a high sidhe dressed as a proper Lord Commander. Camille approaches him, curtsies, and points to Lucas, “There he is as promised.”

Lucas recognizes that the Lord Commander is Raphael – a powerful high sidhe that held and tortured him for many years in the Nevernever. Not wanting to go down without a fight – the Midnighters attack the Redcoats. In the first volley Hack goes down and Lucas forced to retreat behind cover. Bryan’s gun does not seem to be working while Viola is hard pressed to just not be killed by Raphael.

During this time two very important events transpire. First, Camille and Darmoria both get on horses and ride out of the gate with a Redcoat escort. Raphael promised her safe passage out of Zululand and to the Gold Coast. Second, the one that helped them immensely, is that the guards on the wall call out that Ash’gar has surrounded the fort with him own soldiers.

A deal struck

As many of the soldiers move to reinforce the wall Raphael is forced to deal with the Midnighters by himself. However, before she left Camille has whispered something into Lucas’ ear. She told him that the deal said that anyone that came through the portal could not be harmed by him or those with him unless they harmed him first.

When Lucas put everything together he told everyone to stop fighting Raphael – Bryan was reluctant but stopped as well. Lucas said that if Raphael did anything to stop them then he would be forsworn. Raphael agreed that those were the words of his deal with Camille. This allowed everyone to get horses from the stables and prepare ride out while the fae were busy fighting each other.

As a parting gift, Raphael yelled to them that he didn’t have to do anything too them, but that doesn’t apply to the horses they took or those fae with Ash’gar. Lucas strikes another deal with Raphael – he agrees to see that Darmoria is returned safely to Kirovak in exchange for no interference by Raphael until they leave the fae lands.

As they ride out of the gates Raphael’s mocking laughter rises above the fighting. He tells them they better ride fast because those Zulu warriors with Ash’gar are not covered by their deal with him. They turn and see hundreds of fae Zulu warriors chasing after them.

Gold Coast

On the run from hundreds of Zulu faeries they press their horses hard to the “Southeast?” Although they have to stop several times to fight off the fastest Zulus their horse never tire and soon the see a city made of gold on the horizon.

As they enter this Golden City they find all manner of fae going about the daily routine of normal people – just dressed in a wild array of time periods. It is a large city so they settle into a cafe overlooking the ocean. Splitting up they search the city for any indication that Camille is still here. It is difficult work, but the fae seem to go out of their way to be pleasant and helpful. It is all very disconcerting. All of them except for the small bands of Zulu warriors that are also searching the city – the city fae are being helpful to them as well.

Eventually they track her down to a hotel near the ocean. With the Zulu closing in on them they confront Camille in the hotel. She congratulates Lucas on escaping; although she seems a bit miffed his friends survived as well. Darmoria tells them to begin negotiates as any conflict will inevitability lead to his capture as neither side will back down.

Camille swears up her power that she will deliver Darmoria to Kirovak if the Midnighters will undertake her true task. She knows the name of a traitor who is a highly respected member of the Council of Wizards and has been working with Ash’gar to expose him. When Lucas agrees and swears upon his power she tells him the name – Samuel Peabody is the traitor.

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