The first sign of the coming evil

As Xarth and Esandeor are making their way deeper into the woods they are ambushed. The two elves that attacked them are using the tree canopy as cover while attacking them. Using Xarth’s magic to help shield them, they climb the trees and draw the elves into close combat. The battle is swift and the ambushers are quickly forced to surrender. They tie them up and break all of their vengeance arrows, which Esandeor explains ends whatever blood feud caused this attack.

Back at the Shop

Back at the shop Amer and Sofiya discuss what to do with Xarth. It is clear that he is a hard worker and they both realize that the Trading House selected the teams specifically. Still, Xarth is not part of the inner circle and may have to be dealt with hashly. If he continues to leave the shop while it is open people will notice and that will draw undue attention to the shop. Something both agree they need to avoid.

Briz, cloaked in illusionary shadows, is finally rewarded when a man appears in the teleportation circle. Briz follows behind him as the man boldly goes to their shop. He talks with Sofiya and asks to purchase a large amount of salt and pepper, giving his name as Gerhard from Prinz. Briz uncovers enough of himself to let Amer know that this guy is to not be trusted.

After purchasing his goods, Briz follows him to the butcher where he purchases two large haunches of meat. WIth Briz still tailing him the man walks out the east gate and across the eastern commons. At the edge of the forest he puts the two slabs of meat on the ground and begins a spell. The haunches turn into strange wolf-like shapes and begin to move around. When he orders them to hunt, Briz unmasks himself and unravels the spell causing the meat to be shredded.

There is a quick exchange of spells before Sofiya and Amer finally arrive. Finding himself outnumbered the wizard draws the shredded meat to him and wraps it around his body turning himself into a ogre-like creature. He stomps Briz into the ground and tells the rest that he will crush him if they are not out of town when the sun sets on the third day. Rather than risk their companion, they agree to the terms.

I am The Fog

Continuing west from the site of the ambush, Xarth and Esandeor make contact with the miasma; however it has changed into a fog rolling over the ground. Inside the fog are three humanoid shapes. When the fog touches them they can feel the murderous touch of rage, blood, and death. They manage to avoid falling prey to its effects, but are forced to withdraw.

They climb into the trees so that the fog can roll under them. When the figures are directly below them they jump down into the fog. The small touch of the fog from the outside is magnified ten-fold at the center. Holding true to their ideals they grab the people and drag them out. It turns out the figures are Father Dominic and the two huntsmen.

The Father and the Huntsmen have both been possessed by the spirit of the fog and try to kill Xarth and Esandeor. They nearly succeeded except that Xarth saw the fog retreat from the sunlight and used his magic to transform the summer canopy into air. With the sun streaming down on them the possessed townsfolk were quickly overwhelmed; although their bodies were burned.

They rig up a quick travoise and carry the three bodies to Father Oswald. Father Dominic will lose his left arm, but Father Oswald believes that all of the men can be saved. Baron Ulrichstein arrives at the temple with his guard and hears the story fully from Xarth and Esandeor. He thanks them for their service and the return of his men to him.

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