Clean-up in Electronics

The master is holding the most deadly weapon in his hand – a lighter. Before anyone can react he tosses it into the pooling fuel. The flames follow the path to Hack’s cab and blow into the fumes that have been drawn into the store. The fire licks up to the ceiling and over.

Bryan takes cover and fires his vampire gun at the dark hounds; although it is far too difficult to see in the smoke.

The vampire tells his hounds, “Have fun with the rest, but I want the fae alive.” He then walks around the outside of the store towards the back.

The hounds charge into the store and tear down Bryan, sending his gun skittering across the floor. Hack points out the fire suppression system to Lucas who draws the water inside and douses all of the flames except those around the fuel truck,

Bryan tries to recover his gun, but one of the hounds notices and overturns the shelves on top of it. They would have succeeded except Lucas kicks it out of the way at the last moment. Hack jumps into his scorched car and revs the engine to life. He turns the Crown Vic around and chases the vampire towards the back door – revving the engine.

Hack sees a group of gangers breaking into the store under the direction of the vampire. He tries to run them over, but they just manage to get into the store in time. He spins his wheel around, floors the accelerator and slams through the back aluminum rolling door and into the back hallway of the office as well. Needless to say the gangers were surprised at the turn of events. He guns the engine and runs over the gangers sending them flying like ten pins.

Inside Lucas and Bryan are trying to drive the dark hounds back, but they are too fast to get a solid hit. Eventually they manage to corner one of the hounds, but Lucas’ arm is ripped up in the process. The second hound senses the greater danger Lucas represents and attacks him. The fight see-saws back and forth, but when Hack comes crashing through the wall it distracts the dark hound enough that they send it back whence it came.

Victory is Mine!

The vampire floats as mist up to the exposed ceiling supports and breaks down Bryan’s Will – turning him into a puppet. Lucas takes Bryan down, but not before Bryan tells the vampire where they have hidden Darmoria. The vampire again turns into mist and flows into the back rooms – all appears to be lost.

Through the broken front glass comes Viola. Her human guise dropped she draws heavily upon her fetch half – growing long claws and a terrible visage. Lucas gives here a very quick rundown on what they are facing while they are running for the back rooms. They come around the corner just in time to see the vampire tear down the ward and reach in for Darmoria.

Lucas reaches him first; although he is already wounded from the battle with the Darkhounds. He creates an opening for Viola who grabs the vampire and pins him against the wall. Lucas overreaches and while he does drive his blade deep into the vampire he is clobbered by the vamps full strength – dropping him to the floor. He would have been finished except Hack drives his cab through the offices forcing everyone to dive for cover.

Hack gets out and lays into the vampire with a heavy tire iron, while Viola and the vampire go claw to claw. In the end Hack manages to drive on of his wooden stakes through the creature’s heart giving Viola the opening toe decapitate it.

The police and fire rescue arrive, but find nothing as Viola hides everyone behind a veil.

No Respite Yet

The next morning Bryan makes a few calls. He discovers that Officer Daniels transferred to Baltimore from Boston after his partner and two other cops were killed by something while he was investigating something behind the building. Daniels got an official reprimand for not being where he was told, but little else. Further digging reveals Daniels has a gambling and prostitution problem, but nothing that would permanently derail his career.

Viola looks into the PI’s offices that were targeted by the scarens. On one PI report he mentioned finding silver metal rings embedded into the concrete when the foundation was laid. Lab reports of a sample indicate palladium and while they are on the blueprints for the building there is no reason given for their inclusion in the concrete. Every photo the PI took of the rings did not work.

Rachel Speaks

Lucas brings over a double-chocolate mocha muffin and coffee for Rachel. Rachel tells him some things, but he has to give up quite a bit of information himself. S’harra, the dryad, was working for Titania, who has a deep-seated grudge against Darmoria.

She knows of a diabolist that is interested in Darmoria as well; although she is surprised that he has not made a move yet. He is very secretive and kills anyone getting too close. He has been looking into Hack’s background – especially his company.

Mark Sanchez from Mexico has made contact with her and wants in on the bidding as well. He represents the Red Court and has quite a reputation for getting what he wants – no matter the cost. He is on the FBI grab list as he has a reputation as a major drug supplier.

Finally, Richard Thorpe has made several inquires, but she dislikes dealing with him. He paid Torrin Galloway a very kingly sum of gold to fashion him the armor that hack saw at Father Williamson’s gathering. Thorpe believes that he is the chosen of god and there is nothing upon this world that can stop him. He has gathered around him like minded individuals.

Pounding Ground

It is decided to keep Darmoria at the According Neutral Grounds until the setting of the sun in order to keep him sage. These remaining complications need to be dealt with before they become impossible.

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