A large fish surfaces

It id decided that Lucas and Viola will investigate the Star-Tek building, while Hack and Bryan swing by Hack’s Cabs and run down some leads.

A Lair

Lucas and Viola arrive at Star-Tek Industries and find that most of the wards are still intact, except for the hole that Lucas opened up in the west wall. Cautiously they enter the abandoned building. Everything they see is consistent with a shut down factory with one noticeable difference. There are hanging cabling and plenty of small bits of papers and equipment – but there is no dust or decay. The floor is spotless clean of dust or grime and nothing appears to have been broken or deteriorated. In fact it appears that the building was newly built to look abandoned, like a movie set.

The manufacturing floor is a raised floor designed to support light machines. They pull up several of the floor plates and find evidence of dozens of circles – all of them intact and seemingly active.

After making a quick round through building they go down the stairs to the doors and find an intricately carved metal door locked by four golden bars. Risking everything they open the door and immediately come face to face with a dragon – shifted into the form of a 20-something man with a cane.

Kirovak is relatively young for a dragon, but still more than capable of smashing some upstart humans in his lair. When he founds out who they are he instead decides to spare their lives if they will kill Camille, Lucas’ sister. Camille is playing a very dangerous game of the sidhe – using the Red Court as mercenaries to keep the others from her. He also knows that someone in the White Council at Edinburgh is involved, but does not know whom.

In exchange for the information and their lives, Lucas swears on his power that he will return Darmoria to Kirovak who has pledged to protect him – even from himself.

A Father’s legacy

Hack and Bryan swing by Hack’s Cabs and find the garage doors closed and the building locked up – even the lights in the lobby are turned off. The only light seems to be in Hack’s office. They cautiously enter the office, Bryan with his weapon drawn, and find a large wood scorched box on his desk and a man in a hooded robe sitting in his seat.

The man in the robe identifies himself as Rashid, a member of the Senior Council of Wizards. He sent Hack’s employees to an all-expenses paid lunch so that he could talk privately. When Bryan steps outside Rashid explains that he box is from Hack’s father and has been in safe-keeping.

There is nothing overtly dangerous inside of the box, so Rashid deemed it time that Hack have his father’s things returned to him. He does caution that knowledge by itself is not dangerous, but instead left to the intent of the seeker. There is some very potentially dangerous knowledge inside of the box, so Hack should think carefully before following the same destructive path of his father.

Rashid is gone by the time that Hack’s employees return. Although everyone agrees the lunch was very fine they complain that the Baltimore PD has been harassing them. Bryan checks in with the FBI and discovers that Officer Daniels is being electronically monitored and is potentially linked to the Blue Line, a notable “illegal” gambling establishment in the city.

Funnily Bryan also finds out that Lucas has made the terrorist watch list and is suspected of receiving a “weapons cache” from Officer Daniels although no concrete evidence has surfaced. They do have a tap on Lucas’ phone as well as cameras placed around his apartment. Cameras that seem to fail fairly regularly.

Looking through the phone logs, Bryan discovers that Officer Daniels has called the number of an old friend of his father. he thought the man dead for many years, but not nearly enough time for his number to be recycled already.

Hack and Bryan decide to bait Officer Daniels. Using the information from the FBI files they find out where he is and using one of Hack’s cabs they drive around his area. Eventually he is pulled over that Bryan drops the hammer on him.

Daniels breaks – telling them that him and some friends ran up a pretty sizable tab at the Blue Line. He does not know who protects the establishment, but that it comes from pretty on high. He does know that whomever told his men to harass Hack’s Cabs cleared their debts at the Blue Line. Daniels gives a physical description and while the man is unknown – the woman he describes is Rachael.

Bryan attempts to turn Daniels away from his current path, but he feels like his words fall on deaf ears. Daniels is enjoying his new found power and protection far too much to be swayed.

A favor owed

Upon gathering at Lucas’ apartment they find that Darmoria got into a Toyota Camry driven by someone that matches Camille’s description. With no other leads Viola confesses that she used to work for the White Court as a Dominatrix and could probably find Rachel.

Lucas and Viola track down Rachel to an office complex. In exchange for Camille’s whereabouts Lucas agrees to host a party and thank Lawrence at the party for assisting him on a difficult matter. In addition, Rachel receives a personal and highly favorable introduction to Kirovak from Lucas. In grinds his gears to offer up so much, but they need to find Camille before things get worse.

The road to the KOA

The address leads to the abandoned KOA campgrounds where they met the Puritans. This time there are men with flashlights keeping a perimeter around the woods. Hack drops everyone off then drives around to the back entrance. Under Viola’s veil, they got into position just as Hack comes roaring around the building in his taxi creating havoc among the guards. This provides the opening for everyone else to slip inside the main hall.

Lucas tears down the ward upon the door from the foyer to the main hall; however, they immediately come under fire from a warlock throwing jagged icicles. While Lucas and Viola take on the warlock, Bryan runs into the back room to look for Camille but he pinned down by men with shotguns in the kitchen.

The warlock and mercenaries have everyone on the defensive and Lucas can feel a strong magical presence in the basement building in strength. Risking everything he rolls out from behind a desk he was using for cover and exposes the warlock enough that Viola can drag him out of his cover and pound him into submission.

Viola goes into the back to help Bryan, while Lucas flags down Hack to let him know his distraction is done. By the time Lucas and Hack get to the back room Bryan has finished handcuffing the mercenaries. They cautiously make their way into the basement – wary of another trap. In a storage room at the bottom of the stairs they see a portal just as Camille and Darmoria pass through.

The portal begins to close, but before it can everyone blindly leaps through hoping for the best on the other side.

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