Escape to Dunkirk

The previous adventure the PCs successfully captured the two-part decryption key from the Chinese Special Forces visiting a joint industrial plant. Unfortunately the decryption key turns out to be two young women (couriers). Most of the group escapes with one of the young women, while Doran and Katya escape in a different direction with the other.

The capsule of this GenCON adventure involved the PCs escaping from Antwerp to Dunkirk with 1/2 of the decryption key they currently have in their possession. D-Con has offered what support they can, but the Federal Police are being supported by Chinese Special Forces.


Adeline had arranged a safe house that only she knew about. With the Chinese and Belgium specials forces combing the city for the “assassins,” she takes the team to her safe house. Once there D-Con sends in two people to help. A cell leader named Piet and a known underground reported called Stinger.

Before they can make plans, the block surrounding their row house is sealed off by the police. A SWAT team in hardsuits is deployed floor by floor to remove the people in the townhouses. The team is on the 4th floor, so it is only a matter of time before they are found.

Paul and Vuk build a kit-bashed bridge so that everyone can cross the alley to the next set of townhouses.As everyone makes their way across the alley, Rachele goes to the stairs and begins to randomly gun down people in front of the SWAT units, who respond with riot gas. She barely manages to stagger towards the bridge and cross into the next buildings. Once she is across, Vuk collapses the 4th floor with a few well-placed explosives.

Heinrich charges forward breaking down doors and even walls to reach the far end of these row houses. In the middle of this Stinger puts out a news feed about police oppression that catches fire on the net. Within 10 minutes a flash mob forms at the edge of the police barricade forcing the regular police to rush to the barricades to keep them back.

As vid crews in choppers hover overhead the police are stretched thin trying to keep a lid on the situation while still searching for the killers. The PCs use this opportunity to slip out of the second section of row houses and into the crowd with the other people evacuated.

French Border

With the rather flashy exit at the tenement, the Belgium Government have closed the French border. The ranks of the border guards has been thickened with PLA Special Forces. With no easy way to cross into France they take to the net. With the help of Stinger, they put unto the net stories about the Belgium Government capitulating to the Chinese. To this end there will be “security camps” set up to hold “traitors.”

Those Belgians near the border immediately try to flee into France. As the major roads begin to choke up with traffic Piet acquires two old land Rovers. William and Paul find several other “patriots” that are willing to crash the border. Vuk blows several large holes in the fence and everyone drives like mad through it.


When they reach Dunkirk Piet tells them that they will be meeting a smuggler at the Sea Shanty, which is a shipping warehouse between the hours of midnight and 3 AM. At 10 PM Vuk, Heinrich, William, and Paul clandestinely move into the area. Stinger, the girl, and Rachele hang out a a nearby dive bar.

With everything in place Piet and Adeline approach the Sea Shanty in order to make contact. The warehouse manager (i.e. The Smuggler) seems very nervous and his security guards are far too alert for rent-a-cops. They sub-voc the information to Rachele – who immediately turns and guns down the two plain clothes cops she noticed in the bar.

Searchlights on two tugs at the pier cover the dock in bright light as the French Harbor Police demand their surrender. Heinrich and Paul take a firing position and pours automatic fire into the lead tug. This gives Vuk covering fire to get close enough to the second tug to throw a satchel charge into the wheel house.

William pulls Adeline to cover, unfortunately he cannot help Piet who is severely wounded as the security guards are Gendarmes. It does give the smuggler a chance to hide among the boxes in the warehouse. Rachele reaches the warehouse before Piet bleeds out. She charges into the warehouse and guns down the three Gendarmes while only being slightly wounded.

Rachele finds the smuggler and forces him to do his job and get then out of France and into England. They hope that that Doran and Katya were able to get to England as well with their half of the key.

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