GenCON 2012

Looking forward to GenCON 2012 this year. I took the last year off from running games so that I could just experience the convention. I will be running two different games this year instead of the three I ran in 2010. I found three games to just be a bit too much to prepare to the depth that I usually enjoy. I have played in far too many convention games where it felt like the GM prepped the game the night before. So I will be going back to my 2 games each running in 2 slots (Game 1 Thursday, Game 2 Friday). That leaves me with Saturday to walk the convention and Sunday to walk it with my kids.

Cyberpunk 2020

I am bringing back my Cyberpunk 2020 game that runs pretty well at conventions, but with new characters. I took my Miltech and Arasaka teams about as far as I wanted to and in the last game actually mashed both teams together in the final session. The final session’s twist was completely the work of the players, rather than deal with a CEO themselves they used their slush fund to arm and train local rebels and undercut a power base he had built on the southwestern African coast.

My new group is a loose collection of underground anti-corporate fighters. There will be the long-standing tropes of leftist hippies, socially misfit hackers, and even a few hard-core nationalists fighting against pan-national companies. The only glue that holds them together is the desire to tear down the megacorps that have become the new power base in the world. Unlike the corporate security teams from my previous arc, these characters do not have shiny new gear and large corporate resources.


I have tried several different games for my second game – Fantasy HERO, Anime Fighters (M&M), Heavy Gear, and Champions. My most recent attempt was Sidekicks. A HERO v5 game that followed a group of Sidekicks to the “World’s Most Powerful Heroes.” It went well and the players enjoyed themselves, but while my love for the HERO system (now v6) is pretty strong – I find the rules a bit too complicated for a convention-style game. So, this year I am going to run a Dresden Files game using the FATE RPG by Evil Hat.

I am going to use my Midnighter’s Club campaign that I run at the regular game session, but with different characters; although I may have some of the main PCs as guests in various backgrounds – they may even make an appearance. I have become quite enamored with the FATE system and have most my mainline fantasy campaign to it using a modified version of Legends of Anglarre.

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