Son of a Senator

The next morning, March 15 2007, Bryan runs to the local FBI office and uses the facial recognition software on the ski resort photo. One of the returns is Mitchell Anderson, who is the only son of Samuel Anderson. Samuel is in his sixth term in the Pennsylvania Senate. He is the current President Pro Tempore of the Pennsylvania Senate. Why was Mitchell’s connection to the murder victims not found out by the local police?

Townplace Mall

Heinrich and Joseph drive to Townplace Mall, where Lisa was found murdered. They talk to Jared Connors, a construction worker, who discovered the body. They ask him about the nearby brownfield where she was attacked and he tells them that the land has never been developed because bad things happen to companies that make plans. Joseph and Heinrich follow her tracks through the field, finding a few pieces of spent brass missed by the local cops. Stranger yet is bare footprints they find where she must have been initially attacked.

Joseph calls Detective Roberts who sends out a forensic team. While the team is examining the scene, Heinrich notices a skinny long-haired dwarf who asks that Joseph and her meet with his mistress. The cops do not seem to see the dwarf, which is not so strange to Heinrich. They follow the dwarf along a dry stream bed to a small wooden cottage where an elderly woman is cleaning pots.

She informs them that there will be a total of five murders. Upon the death of the fifth the sleeping Eternal One will awake and bring about a century of war upon this land. His first follower has lost his way and was slain by the “white men”, but a much smaller shadow crept away from the light and now seeks the Eternal one upon these shore. She is a Dola and has been drawn here by the damage caused to the way things were meant to be – but the time is not right, she cannot act yet. This is the time of the Hounds who have been unleashed by both of their Masters to fight – the Hounds are barking and snarling at each other in the dark as they know the other is there. The hounds know each other very well.

Someone raise the Eternal,
First follower failed gambit,
Power unearthed

Pink Dance Club

Jack and Bryan run down some leads at the Pink Dance Club, where James was killed. The club is not opened, but they interview the staff. They find out that Mitchell knew James and they met occasionally at the club. James had rented out Room 3 upstairs for the past several years. As few well-placed bribes gives them access to the room. The only other mundane access is a window to the fire escape, which was normally alarmed – but it had been disabled some time ago. Below the fire escape is a side parking lot that is shared with the Taj Mahal, an Indian Restaurant.

Both of the men go to the Taj for lunch. While Bryan is questioning the owner, Jack is looking for something that his instincts screams “out of place.” Eventually he find that a booth near to the restrooms and the side entrance was used to pass hidden materials. He finds that the table has been modified to secure legal-sized paper underneath. There is nothing there now, but once again following his instincts he find that the ladies restroom has been magically damaged by the constant opening of a portal into the Never Never.

Bryan finds out very little from the owner, who obviously does not want to talk, but he does find out that Ms. Campbell often came to the restaurant with her son to eat dinner. It is strange because there are Indian restaurants on her way home, but she comes out of her way to eat here. She also always take the booth nearest to the restrooms. She always parked at the side lot and came in side door.

Tourists of St. George

Everyone meets up a a local BK to compare notes. For the first time Heinrich talks about others like her – she calls them “The Hunters”; although a more correct translation might be “The Hounds.” Bryan sees a person in a car parked across the road taking pictures of the eatery. He lets his team continue their discussion and heads over to confront the photographer. By their accent they are clearly British and except for identical necklace of a St. George’s Cross they appear to be nothing more than tourists – taking pictures of a BK. He tries his best “bad cop” routine, but the best he can manage is to get the girl’s name, Elizabeth O’Bannon, before they drive off laughing at him.

With little else to be gained hashing over the same material, they call Ophelia and leave her a message detailing what they have found. Jack and Bryan will go talk to Mitchell Anderson. Heinrich and Joseph go to Temple University to talk to Melissa Cox who was with James the night he was killed.

Temple University

Melissa is a sister of the Phi Theta Delta sorority. When they go there to ask her some questions, Heinrich sees her trying to escape out the back window. It is not much of a chase and they soon corner her behind a McDonald’s that is being renovated. She is clearly terrified, so it does not take much threats before she breaks down.

She met James when he would come to class to speak to her TA Jackson Spencer, who is a EE Graduate Student. He seemed to be close friends with Spencer and soon she got invited by James to party with him at Pink. She says that she was in Room 3 only once for an after party. She must have drunk too much because she saw soon many beautiful people walk in and out of the room through a glowing greenish door. Everything was so surreal, like a Dali painting that she assumed she was simply dreaming.

More importantly on the night that James was killed she saw a barefoot woman with a glowing white bow across the street. The woman was wearing a metal skirt and a leather bustier with some strange design on it. No one else seemed to react so she thought nothing of it, until the woman killed James. She tried to talk to Spencer, but he told her she probably just had too much to drink or party dust. She has never done drugs, but Spencer scared her enough that she stopped going to his class.

A short time later they are standing outside of Spencer’s small office. They recognize him from the picture, so he is clearly more than just a passing friend.

Mitchell’s House

Jack and Bryan arrive at Mitchell’s house, which is a very large house set back from the road in a gated community. Bryan gets them past the security guard; although the guard does take down all of his information. When they arrive at the house a girl answers the door and says that Mitch will not be home until after the city closes down. Bryan notices that she is a strikingly beautiful woman, while Jack notices that he is out of smokes so he heads back to the car.

She offers to let Bryan come inside so that she can get Mitch’s calendar and see if she can contact him. Bryan comes inside while she goes into a small office off the foyer to call Mitch. After a brief moment she comes back and says that Mitch is on the phone and wants to talk to him. She says that he says it is urgent that he talks to him.

As he heads into the office, his neck hairs rise up and he just barely managed to dodge a heavy wooden chair that was thrown at him. Instead of a beautiful young girl in the foyer there is a whirlwind of debris and ice. Bryan calls out for Jack while he ducks for cover. As the whirlwind continues to throw frozen furniture at him, Bryan fires into its center and backs into the office. Unfortunately for him the whirlwind picks up the large desk and slam it into Bryan, who is flung out the window.

This finally gets Jack’s attention who charges into the front door and faces the same strange foe. Using a steel baton he keeps on hand for such and occasion he attacks the faerie with unnatural ferocity, finally laying the creature out. He helps Bryan up and before the police arrive they agree to search the house.

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